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We are all so much more than we have been led to believe, we all possess the knowledge to instantly create change in any or all areas of our being. We are the trailblazers of a new kind of revolution.

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Welcome home!

Stephanie utilizes the infinite therapeutic potential, possible in altered states of consciousness. She uses a variety of healing techniques, deep trance hypnotic inductions (visual and non-visual), and talking therapies to create the optimum mental landscape for learning, growth, and change.

Her Quantum Healing and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy sessions are not limited to visiting past lives, they go beyond structured hypnotic regression and take you deep into the world of energy. 


She intuitively draws upon her knowledge and experience of working within the Quantum realms to help clients resolve, heal and release ANYTHING that may be causing physical or emotional discomfort, confusion, fear, or limitations with moving forward in life and truly experiencing their full potential.

"My heart sings when I connect so deeply with my client and I can feel and see the incredible changes happening in front of me. We are not only healing the person who is having the session in life, we together are healing and freeing trapped souls, consciousness from other times, and showing them the way home. Such a deep experience and very humbling to be doing this work at this time."

- Stephanie Harris B.Msc

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 NOTE: In my experience and knowledge, coincidence does not exist. 

This is a concept created by man to aid an agenda of control and a dumbing down of our extraordinary capabilities.

ESP and Higher Consciousness are very real and we are all able to utilise these gifts if we so choose. 

Thereby, it is my belief that you have not simply stumbled upon my site, but was instead guided here by some higher force to connect you with information, that will help you realise your Souls full potential.

Let's discover what that might be and always keep your Mind's Eye Open

Past Life Regression

Sat on the Rocks

Common Areas Of Exploration













This is sacred work

Within the quantum realms of limitless possibility, we are all able to invoke our innate inner healing systems, and create a permanent transformation, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Dissolve the subconscious blocks that prevent you from being in ultimate health.

  • Discover the answers to burning questions in your life.

  • Find and live your creativity and full potential.

  • Fast-forward your journey to awakening!

  • Use the power of your own Higher Mind and establish a deeply felt sense of how to improve your life.

  • Re-visit other incarnations, and remember your Soul's purpose in your current life.

  • Experience permanent mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

  • Understand the important messages within your discomfort/dis-ease and heal.


You can create permanent change and BE HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL! 

Studying at Home



The best way to capture the energy of how clients feel after they have experienced a session with Stephanie is with video, written reviews can't possibly convey the immense energy that continues to radiate from each client long after the session is over. I will be posting very soon a collection of brave souls that are happy to express themselves in front of the camera because they agree, words just simply won't do.

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THIS IS NOT YOUR USUAL CONSCIOUSNESS PODCAST! Mind's Eye Open is a bi-weekly podcast where Stephanie Harris B.Msc shares fascinating content from her Quantum Healing Hypnosis practice. Stephanie recounts clients long-forgotten memories of extraordinary past-life experiences, miraculous healings, sacred universal wisdom, soul contracts & karma, and valuable updates and information about the consciousness shift taking place on our planet at this time.


I am deeply honoured to be able to facilitate this essential work. My Soul purpose, is to help you to connect with your Soul purpose. It couldn't be more beautiful.

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All Modalities Offered

Below are the healing modalities that make up Stephanie valuable healing tool kit. 

  • Transcendental Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Guidance

  • Body Talk (What is your health telling you?)

  • (BQH) Beyond Quantum Healing

  • (QHHT) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®

  • Dream Work (Training & Analysis) 

  • Channeled Insights and Guidance

  • Sacred Ritual & Practices

  • Future Life Progression Hypnosis

  • Sound Healing 

  • Psychedelic Therapy

  • Emotional Energy Healing

  • Entity Clearing

  • Matrix Removal

  • Guided Visualisation Meditation

  • (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic-Programming

  • (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Life Between Lives Hypnosis

  • Spiritual/Metaphysical Counseling

  • Shadow Work & Inner Child Therapy

  • Shamanic Healing

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I speak your language....

For the first 37 years of my life, I intimately got to know the dark side of the human psyche. I was depressed, anxious, broken, perpetually unhappy. 

And then, on February 3rd 2017, at 8 pm, something very special was about to happen, that would change my very existence, forever, open my heart and connect me with my Souls purpose in this life.

I was gifted with the experience of a Satori (sudden enlightenment) and from that moment forward, I have watched my own healing, awakening and self-actualisation process as if in the third person, as though Higher Consciousness has been my guide and teacher and I have been the student.

“I felt as if I was watching my own awakening in the third person, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this time, this trial...."


My purpose all along was to be able to communicate this process, in real-life terms, to others that have lived in the darkness much of there life. I have a deep understanding that you simply cant attain through books. 

No matter how broken you believe yourself to be, we only receive what our Soul can handle. There is a bigger purpose to it all, and don't forget, YOU chose all of this, when you picked this life, because of how much you could learn.

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