I turned my life around in 3 short years, by tapping into Quantum Realms of unlimited possibilities. I share insights from real hands-on experience that really worked for me. 

No theory!

Let me share with you how to do the same, unlock your power and start your transformation journey today.

I'm Stephanie founder of

I'm a Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner and Consciousness Coach. 


I want to help you unlock those parts of yourself that have lain dormant, for lifetimes, align with your purpose and finally experience real abundance flooding into your life.

Because, I never thought it was possible to feel this awesome!

I've learned through my own healing, that my purpose at this time is to help you to achieve the very best life experience that you can.

My aim is to bring you home to your true self, to empower you to live your life in full alignment with your purpose and to bring healing for your mind, body and soul.


Through a combination of quantum healing techniques, NLP, coaching and metaphysical insight, we together, can unlock the deep soul wisdom and power that exists within all of us, to truly transform your life.

On my site you will find:

Beyond Quantum Hypnosis - Connect with Universal Intelligence to discover the answers you are                                                           searching for, healing, balancing and guidance direct from Source.

Consciousness Coaching Become a conscious observer of yourself and live a life true to yourself on all levels.

Metaphysical Services - Getting Wed? Non-denominational Officiate of Spiritual Ceremonies

Retreats & Group Sessions - Powerful and purposeful gatherings at Semente da Vida Holistic Health & Retreat Center, Portugal

Resources - Online Learning, Guided Meditation and Hypnosis mp3 downloads for you to use in maintaining your inner mastery.

If you don't see what you are looking for, go ahead and schedule your discovery call and we will discover why we have been brought together. 


You are powerfully on your path and you are just beginning the very best part of your life.

                           ~Abraham Hicks

It is no coincidence that you have found your way here. There are no accidents only opportunity to heal and grow as the Divine light beings that we are. The universe is providing and always has been providing all that we need to realise our true purpose.


And when we really do realise our true soul purpose we will experience immense joy, health, motivation, inspiration, love, satisfaction, clarity, empowerment, gratitude and belonging like never experienced before, on every level of your being, within in every single moment of this life.

This is living in the 'flow'.

Who are my services for?

  • For those that recognise the beginnings of inner change and don't know where to start, or how best to develop in a conscious way. This may be in areas such as wellbeing and personal development, conscious business, relationships, spirituality and more.

  • For those that want to connect with the deeper parts of themselves and remember the divinity that is within each one of us.


  • For those that would benefit from multidimensional healing, releasing everything that does not serve anymore and stepping into their true power and wisdom, being able to move forward and accomplish what they came here to do.

  • ​For those that want to work, with, the Universe and Law of Attraction to manifest your deepest hearts desires into your life, today!

  • For those on the path of awakening, BQH is one of the tools that can benefit you greatly, by connecting you with your essence, purpose and missions and with the primary guide that is your Higher Self along with other guides, yourself from the future as an ascended master and whoever else makes up your cosmic and soul team of helpers.

  • For those looking to make a change in their lives and begin living from their heart centre, in alignment with the true soul purpose, release old programming and develop deeper connections with those around them.

  • For those looking to lawfully join in matrimony but are not bound by the limitations of traditional faiths and wish to express their spirituality and union how they wish. 

Your thought energy has broadcast a vibrational desire that has aligned with mine,

let's discover what that is.

Trust your gut.......

Lastly, I would like to add before you go off and explore my site.

One of the most beautiful things about working in the realm of quantum energy and consciousness is that there is no such thing as competition. Healers, guides, energy workers, coaches etc, don't have any need to compete against one another because we are all unique in every way possible.


This means that each practitioner will be generating a multitude of different frequencies, being able to offer all kinds of combinations of gifts, skills and knowledge that can perfectly match yours. 

As you discover more about me and my practice, feel into how the information is making you feel.

Do you feel that feeling, deep down inside, on a soul level?


You know, the one that just knows? 

Then reach out and drop me a (no-obligation), hey.


There could be any number of reasons why you have found yourself here, and you did. The true reason for our session is not always known until after. Often times a client will come to see me with a simple 'this realm' question, or curiosity of past lives and end up experiencing profound universal downloads or similar.

You never know......

I respect your privacy!


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An Inner Journey For An Expanding Awareness

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