Quantum healing will help you relax, find your inner balance, reconnect with your true self, uncover and unblock your psychosomatic blocks and rediscover a new meaning and focus in your life.

People of all ages and walks of life come for a QHHT session for equally varied reasons, 

all are looking to make their life better in some way.

Some may come seeking a deeper understanding of and/or relief from physical pain, discomfort, depression or addiction.


Others may come with a curiosity of past lives or what their souls purpose in this life.


Some come with questions about family, work or relationships and how best to move forward. 

We are all energy beings having a  human experience and have lived many lives before. Every life has a purpose

and there is always a reason for being here at this time.  

You chose your life for some reason, wouldn't it be nice to find out what that is?



On the day of your session, you will come to your appointment with a list of questions you would like answered by your higher self.

Most people make two lists; one of health/ body questions and another of life/personal questions.


I will explain this bigger part of you that is sometimes called the High Self, Higher Consciousness, Subconscious, Universal Mind or Over Soul and how I’ll guide you to make the connection with it.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other and your reasons for wanting this experience.


We’ll talk about how easy it is to be guided into this deep state of relaxation and to let go and allow yourself to have the experience.

We’ll talk about your life’s journey and go over your list of questions.


Once we start the hypnosis process, you’ll be journeying for around two hours or a little longer.


This part of the session is recorded for you as people remember varying amounts.



I am today, a proud member of the student body of the Sedona Univeristy of Metaphysics, an active member of the International Academy of Consciousness, a progressive practitioner in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis family and incredibly proud contributor in the Global Conscious Awareness Revolution taking hold on our planet today!

Not bad for someone that had pretty much given up!

I can say with my hand on my heart, once you journey inwards and reconnect with your soul's purpose, everything starts to make sense. 

Real lasting change happens on a non-physical cellular level, in the realms of energy. Our pain's (emotional, physical or spiritual) are only symptoms of a deeper energetic residue left from trauma or stress experienced that need's to be cleared and brought back to balance and harmony again.




I feel blessed to be able to meet such wonderful people in my line of work, seeing the change that happens in their lives through  Quantum Healing  is so heart warming. 

Please take some time and read below about what they have to say about their experience.

​"Stephanie was amazing! Our session together has impacted the way I live my day-to-day life. The experience I had I cannot put into words. I highly recommend her to everyone I love and care about, all the time. She is a very positive support, very professional and very good at what she does. I am so grateful. She also hypnotised my partner and it has brought more clarity to our relationship than we have ever had before.

- Racheal, Cambodia


First contact Stephanie via her email stephanie@mindseyeopen.com to arrange a video chat, where you can discuss

availability, session costs and reason for your interest. 

Following the video chat, and you and Stephanie has agreed a date you can go ahead and pay your €125 deposit using the Pay Pal button below. Please don't pay a deposit until date has been confirmed by Stephanie. All deposits are non-refundable. After paying your deposit you will receive your confirmation email, travel suggestions and session prep information.

Office Address: No.1 Seixo - Estrada Real, Pago da Comenda, Madalena, Tomar, Santarem, 2305-429 Portugal

Can't get to Portugal, don't worry. You can now book your one on one private session with Stephanie or attend a Group Past Life Regression Workshop in the UK and The Netherlands and more....


Click here for more details


In addition to the sessions at my Portugal office, I will be offering one on one QHHT sessions and group past life & healing workshops in various locations around the world. For the ultimate re-set healing experience I will also be available for appointments at selected Spa locations in the UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark & Sweeden.

For further details of Stephanie's where about's please click here

When Booking Your Session

Stephanie's office is located just 15mins from Historic Templar City of Tomar, Portugal however, I will consider visiting you in your home, hotel or retreat location. Many of my clients like me to visit them in their homes where they are more comfortable and familiar with their own surroundings. This can all be established during our telephone conversation prior to your session.

Driving In For Your Appointment

is situated 140km northeast of Lisbon and the quickest method of travel is by rental car, with the journey taking approximately 1 hour 20 minutes and follows the A1 toll expressway. If  are driving in to see me and you are over 30 minutes away, I would strongly suggest getting a hotel for the night of your appointment. Your appointment will finish late afternoon to early evening and most want to get grab some food to ground their energy and then rest. Driving yourself long distances right after a session is not advised. 

From Outside of Portugal

You can fly into Portugal at Lisbon airport, where it is easy to arrange overland travel by car or train, click here for further details that should help. Please plan to fly in the day before your appointment so that you don't have to worry about travel delays. Or alternatively you may wish to consider getting in touch to find out more locations Stephanie will be visiting throughout the year. 


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Each month Stephanie makes available one FREE QHHT SESSION. Do you have something stopping you from moving forward in your life? Emotional or physical pains holding you back? Feelings of not belonging here on earth? But are unable to cover the cost of life changing Quantum Healing Session.

For more information on requirements and application please click here.

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