Open your mind to
new possibilities


You probably already know, you have chosen to be a part of one of the

biggest human evolutionary stories of our species so far.

Your time is NOW!

Heal and raise your consciousness, remember why it is you are here, complete ancestral karmic cycles,

fully awaken to your energetic self and all the awesome power you possess.


You are here to hold the high vibrational frequency of love...

...and to secure our collective re-connection within the symbiotic system of all life, mother 'Earth'

and the galactic arena, following millennia of separation.

The wounds are deep but not impossible to heal.

I share with you powerful insight and techniques you can easily learn and utilize

to come home to yourself, and awaken to your true potential.

You probably also already know, that within this site, you will find,

what it is you've been searching for, because, your soul knows.


You can discover the healing power within expanded states of consciousness,

quantum & psychedelic realms, hypnotic trance phenomena, and powerful mindfulness

practices, can you not?


Sooner or later you will realize, that what you are about to learn will transform

your life and experience of it, in ways you yet can't imagine.

Allow me to support you on your safe, informed, and mindful journey

of discovery, back to self.


Hi ,

In the age of quick fixes, and sales funnels permeating the wellness and

self-development industry, I strive to be a voice you can trust.

I have no agenda other than to share what I have learned through my own healing and self-mastery process (that took me several years to navigate), in the hopes that you will benefit from my mistakes and manifest your best life much faster.

I know what it's like to desperately search for that special 'thing' that will finally get you out of your funk, only to keep getting lost in an unhelpful and ineffective sea of sales pitches and snake oils.

I promise to remain authentic and in alignment with my purpose, pure of intention, transparent, and true to the cause at all times...

...after all, I'm aiming at empaths, and you can sniff a pretender

a mile away (I know).

learn more...

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Invest in yourself...

Personalized Hypnosis Mp3 Recording

  • Bespoke self-hypnosis recording just for you and your situation.

  • 1:1 discovery call to establish your desired outcomes

  • Language patterns are designed to resonate more effectively with YOUR subconscious mind.

  • Exclusively yours to enjoy forever, no limitations.

Susie, PT

Days after the session I continued to have huge emotional releases. It was a beautiful spontaneous ritual of closing down one's cycle and beginning a new

Rena, PT

I went in... totally open-minded... and it became so much more than I could have imagined! The experience is one thing, but how I feel after this experience... I can't express it in words.


Dani USA

My experience with Stephanie was like spending time with an old friend. She clearly has a deep understanding of humanity and the journey of our souls.

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