It's often an exchange of energy between myself and my clients.


This page is all about me, saying thank you!

I am extremely grateful for your support, below you will find some ways that I am able to give back.

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Refer A Friend

As a thank you for supporting me and spreading the word, I offer you €25 per booking referral.

  • If you are yet to have your appointment, I will deduct it from the cost of your session.

  • If it's after our journey together across the quantum fields, I will send you the €25.

Just spreading the love...



I love working with return clients because we can go so much deeper and we have already connected previously. These are very powerful and specific Quantum Hypnosis sessions, it like we continue where we left off.

As a welcome back and thank you I offer a whopping €100 discount from the original price of a session.

Just spreading the love...