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I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of human psychology and behavior, philosophy, mindfulness practices, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, entheogenic medicinal applications, neuro-plasticity, and consciousness studies. 


I continue to explore my passion in new schools of thought and broaden my understanding of the 'Big Questions' such as, What is consciousness? and, How to catalyze a spiritual awakening?

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Training & 

  • N.L.P  Dip 2003  British School of Yoga

  • C.B.T Dip 2008 Center of Excellence

  • Life Coaching 2013 Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

  • Adv. C.B.T 2013 Center of Excellence

  • Yoga Nidra 2016 Stasia Bliss

  • Jhana Meditation 2017 Foundation of the Sacred Stream

  • QHHT Level 1 2017 QHHT Online

  • Energy Healing Quantum-Touch 2018 

  • Energy Meridian Tapping 2018 D.L Flarey PhD

  • QHHT Level 2 2018 QHHT Academy Hawaii

  • Group Hypnosis 2018 Karen E. Wells

  • Practical Metaphysics B.Msc. 2019 University of Sedona

  • Meditation Instructor 2019 Meditation Dynamics

  • Ministerial Ordination 2019 University of Metaphysics

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy 2019 Scottish Strategic Life Academy

  • Advanced Past Life Hypnotherapy 2019 Karen E. Wells

  • Embody Your Voice 2020 The Yoga Of Sound

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