Mind's Eye Open

Mission Statement

Mind's Eye Open is created for YOU!

My aim is to raise awareness of the untapped potential of

microdosing psilocybin for mindfulness and transformation.


To contribute to the normalization of psychedelics and plant medicine

in therapeutic and consciousness advancements, while educating 

for safe use and harm reduction.

I am deeply passionate about the sacredness of working with higher consciousness

and psilocybin. I hold deep respect and gratitude to all indigenous cultures

around the world that have protected and preserved, sacred wisdom and

entheogenic medicine practices, for just such a time as now.

With the advancement of psychedelic-assisted therapies taking traction, 

there is a real concern that the essence of this work will be distorted away

from the true purpose of these powerful medicines. 


To help raise our collective consciousness.

Be the change.

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Consciousness Coaching #mindseyeopen

1:1 Consciousness
Development Coaching 

Learn how to safely and responsibly work with psilocybin to develop your higher consciousness.

Find your unique path and inner language, heal and unlock your full potential.

Coaching and support for seekers of micro and macro experiences, and those looking for support with integration following a prior psychedelic experience.

Minds Eye Microdose Online Program

Each course includes a private 1:1 coaching call,

 and your own dosing-diary & microdose-journal

shipped to your door.

In this online course, you will learn about:

  • The wellness practice of microdosing.

  • Harm reduction and psychedelic empowerment.

  • What do people experience when following this program.

  • How to work with psilocybin as a consciousness medicine.

  • Revolution in personal wellness and consciousness development.

  • Is your emotional intelligence keeping you stuck?

  • Developing awareness.

  • How to navigate your microdose journey.

  • Setting up your thoughts for new insights.

  • Neuroscience of journaling and manifestation.

  • Safe sourcing and personal responsibility.

  • The magic of dosing.

  • Integration and healing

Also included are progress questionnaires, printouts, downloads, and bonus sections.

Microdose Psilocybin #mindseyeopen

We do not teach we inspire!

Stephanie and the Minds Eye Open team are committed

to bring you the latest and most fascinating information

on psychedelics, consciousness, personal development, hypnosis, and mindfulness so that you can discover how to become the architect of your life.


Discover links to valuable resources from those in the fields of research, study, and personal development.


Are you living your best life?


Join Consciousness Development Coach & Quantum Hypnotherapist, Stephanie Harris, as she introduces you to the amazing world of higher consciousness, psychedelics, hypnosis, and the limitless possibilities at your fingertips.


If you are ready to fully own your power

and begin manifesting your dreams,

this show is for you.

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