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Hi there, beautiful souls,


A simple introduction about me.

 I'm the founder and owner of Mind's Eye Open, a Soul Regression Hypnotherapist,

author of  Mushroom-Mind-Magic, and creator of Quantum Consciousness Divination Cards™...

... podcast host and YouTube content creator.

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I speak your language...

I combine over 20 years of personal and professional experience working with psilocybin mushrooms, hypnosis, and altered states of consciousness with my own journey of soul transformation, healing, and evolution to bring you a whole new perspective on what it truly means to be human.

"I want to share with you, my personal practice, which has already transformed my life."

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[Official Bio]

While excited chatter ripples around the world of the potential within Psychedelic Assisted Therapy for treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, anxiety, and mood disorders, Steph-Anise was regularly tuning into her higher-mind and receiving (proven) beneficial guidance on how to heal; and develop as a conscious, balanced human being realizing her full potential.

A revolutionary approach to micro-dosing psilocybin came into being, with the aim of developing her psychic-self primarily, in order to then heal her plethora of emotional and mental health challenges that had accumulated over her lifetime.

Steph-Anise authored her first book Mushroom-Mind-Magic where she shares how she transformed her life and continues to evolve as a human being using her method. In 2022 she channeled, designed, and created the next generation of the tarot. A new divination system for an awakening consciousness called Quantum Consciousness Cards™ is intended as a tool, that anyone can learn to use and communicate with the infinite wisdom of the Universe whilst micro-dosing psilocybin.


Anything is possible when you develop your connection with higher consciousness.

Discover more compelling content and further training on Steph-Anise's methods on her biweekly podcast 'Universe Got The Mic' and monthly intuitive Quantum Consciousness readings for all twelve astrological signs 'Minds Eye open'.

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Soul Regression Hypnosis 

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To experience the journey of your soul, from Source to the current life, and occasionally grab a glimpse of a future life, is truly an incredible experience and something you will never forget. 

Steph-Anise invites you to get in touch and book your in-person soul regression hypnosis session. Spaces for in-person sessions are very exclusive and are limited to four sessions per month.

Quantum healing hypnosis is an awesome journey of consciousness...
...where you will discover that all healing and answers are within.

[Un-official Bio]

Born Stephanie Harris, 1979, in a small, non-descript British midlands town, Steph-Anise experienced tremendous challenges growing up, emotionally, socially, and personally.

Her innate ability to think outside of the box, and entrepreneurial spirit fueled her desire to continually forge a path forward with numerous creative and innovative projects. All left her feeling empty and dissatisfied with life.

Until February 3rd, 2017, aged 37, during a D.M.T ceremony, she experienced something truly out of this world that was set to transform her life thereafter.

What has transpired in the years since her life-changing mystical experience is nothing short of miraculous. With the guidance of spirit plant medicines Ayahuasca and Psilocybin she meticulously and methodically healed herself of lifelong complex PTSD, social anxieties, and countless emotional, social, and behavioral disorders.

Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in 2021, at the age of 41, and the legal change of her name in 2022 signaling the end of one life of personal torment and disconnect and welcoming the realization of a new and empowered, conscious embodiment of a liberated spirit living with purpose.

'What I have learned on my journey is nothing I have done is so special that anyone couldn't also do the same. I don't just believe, I know, that by utilizing small amounts of psychedelic mushrooms with mindful psychic development methods, anyone can re-establish connection with their highest self and communicate directly with Quantum Consciousness. In this way, and in time you will be guided to what you need the most to effectively heal and excel as your best self. The universe is hard-wired to succeed and you are no different. "


- Steph-Anise leader




et your daily heads-up of what's in store for you directly from the quantum realms.

Dodge a bullet or never miss a potentially life-changing opportunity, find out what the universe wants you to be aware of.


Steph-Anise draws three Quantum Consciousness Cards™ along with their clarity card counterparts and intuitively reads the energy and deeper messages of guidance they present. This is a general reading, if you are inspired to listen, then the message will contain information you are meant to hear today.



Every bi-weekly episode promises to awaken your curiosity with compelling content within the realms of consciousness, psychedelics, and psychic development with psychedelics, self-empowerment, hypnosis, and stories from regression hypnosis sessions, also covering how to achieve your full potential in this life.


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Activate Your Superpowers And

Mushroom Mind Magic

fter years of self-study and 1:1 guidance from the mushrooms themselves, Mushroom-Mind-Magic was born.

The first of its kind mindful micro-dose psychedelic mushroom practice, that focuses on the development of your own intuitive and extrasensory abilities to improve your life and begin to fully realize your true potential. 

An easy-to-follow, no-fluff, step-by-step guide that teaches you how to take back your extraordinary powers and begin manifesting your very best life.

Contained in the book are helpful links to free printable resources, ensuring you have all that you need to make change happen straight away.


Mushroom-Mind-Magic Microdose Protocol, Minds Eye Open, Steph-Anise

Private Micro-dose


Assorted Crystals

        Consciousness Cards

hese very special divination cards were downloaded directly from higher realms, as a tool to aid us in navigating our awakening consciousness. 


Allow these cards to open an intuitive channel with the Universe, Quantum Consciousness, and your highest-self and act as your cosmic teachers.

Contained within the blueprint of these cards are powerful energetic messages of guidance, wisdom, and clarity. Use these to help navigate your way back to self as you begin to wake up in the dream, and remember your soul mission. 

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