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I speak your language....

 I speak your language 

My aim is to bring you home to your true self,

to help you to empower yourself,

live your life in full alignment with your purpose,

and bring healing to your mind, body, and soul.

I deeply respect everyone's unique journey and reasons for

wanting to connect with me and I feel blessed to be able

to facilitate this incredible work.

Who is
Stephanie Harris?

Stephanie is the founder and owner of Mind's Eye Open,

Quantum Hypnotherapist and Metaphysical Life Coach and creator of

the revolutionary therapeutic model SPM Therapy.

"My heart sings when I connect so deeply with my client and I can feel and see the same life-changing realizations

I also once felt.

I then know that the switch has been flicked inside of them and the journey home has begun.


We are not only healing the person who is having the session, we together are helping to raise the collective consciousness of humankind."


- Stephanie Harris B.Msc

Stephanie has

herself, navigated and healed from a lifetime of trauma and emotional imbalances, which now serve as her motivation to educate others on how they to, are able to do

the same.

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Stephanie has over 25 years of experience with entheogenic plant medicines and has a successful quantum hypnotherapy practice.


She is a metaphysical minister and loves nothing more

than to help influence perspectives through her life coaching and integration support work. 


Guiding others to a broader awareness of what it means to be human as they embark on their own journies of healing and self-realization. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines strong with the

development of her revolutionary SPM Therapy model and innovative approach to micro-dosing plant medicines.


 Her desire is to catalyze positive change in humankind, as we collectively navigate  'The Great Awakening' .


Stephanie actively shares articles, videos, and courses educating you on how to unlock your soul's purpose and fulfill your highest potential.