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I speak your language....

Who is
Stephanie Harris?

Hi there, beautiful soul's,


A simple introduction about me.

 I am the founder and owner of Mind's Eye Open

a Consciousness Development Coach & Quantum Hypnotherapist,

podcast host and online course creator.

Stephanie Harris

"Thousands of people around the world take psilocybin mushrooms without ever realizing how to work with them for incredible life transformations. I want to change that."

- Stephanie

Somebody asked me "what is it I do?

And I answered ' I promise to teach you how to work with your own consciousness and with the consciousness of psilocybin so that you will experience healing and continued life transformation'

Morals & Ethics

My main objective is to serve humanity for the greater good. 

I honor all peoples and all paths as sacred and I only see lessons from which we are supposed to learn from in this life.

I am deeply committed to my clients, professional and personal development and conduct my life with integrity and acceptance.

 With psychedelic-assisted therapies yet to become legal in most countries, how we move forward is a priority.

Minds Eye Open adheres to all laws and requirements as they currently stand. 


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Life Purpose

Stephanie's lifelong entrepreneurial essence and curious mind have afforded her a wealth of experience across the eco, hospitality, and wellness industries.

She created, co-owned, and managed Roots Eco Cafe, England,

and Pachamama Yoga & Wellness Center, Cambodia.

Her desire to understand herself and to feel like she belonged in this world led to countless years of self-help study, with few results.

Early Years
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Early Years

It was clear in her early years that Stephanie had a unique experience of the world and how she interacted within it.


With little to no understanding of how to communicate her inner world, her disfunction ran rampant through her life, compounding trauma for over 30 years.


Her curiosity of consciousness and the mind was born, leading her on her personal love affair with psychedelics. Stephanie did not realize the full potential of psychedelics and used them to escape her world.

Stephanie Harris #mindseyeopen


  • N.L.P  Dip 2003  British School of Yoga

  • C.B.T Dip 2008 Center of Excellence

  • Life Coaching 2013 Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

  • C.B.T Adv. 2013 Center of Excellence

  • Jhana Meditation 2017 Foundation of the Sacred Stream

  • QHHT Level 1 2017 QHHT Online 

  • Energy Meridian Tapping 2018 D.L Flarey PhD

  • QHHT Level 2 2018 QHHT Academy Hawaii

  • Group Hypnosis 2018 Karen E. Wells

  • Practical Metaphysics B.Msc. 2019 University of Sedona

  • Meditation Instructor 2019 Meditation Dynamics

  • Ministerial Ordination 2019 University of Metaphysics

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy 2019 Scottish Strategic Life Academy

  • Advanced Past Life Hypnotherapy 2019 Karen E. Wells

  • Beyond Quantum Healing 2020 Quantum Healers

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Instant Awakening

At 37 Stephanie had reached rock bottom (the real one) and was done with the struggle when the universe conspired to connect her with DMT, the spirit molecule.

Within the 15 minute journey, her perception of life changed dramatically and completely.

From that moment on she was compelled to totally rebuild and 

redirect her life.

Being guided entirely by her higher mind she began the long and miraculous journey of healing and self-discovery

to where she is this day.

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Stephanie was blessed with the opportunity to exclusively commit several years to self-exploration and to the study and practice of working with consciousness, psilocybin mushrooms, and hypnosis for her own healing and evolution.

The combined practice of microdosing psilocybin, hypnosis, and consciousness proves to this day a game-changer in Stephanie's life.

Now she shares what took her years to master so that others can more easily catalyze or navigate their own awakening of consciousness.


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