We are part of a consciousness revolution like none seen before,

It will rock the modern world to its core.


Everything around exists as part of the Universal Mind, also known as Higher Consciousness, One Mind or God Mind. 

The Universal Mind is the unrealized energy essence of Divine Consciousness out of which all physical form is created.

You are part of this higher inte...

If you had the opportunity to speak with the all knowing Soul consciousness, what would you ask? With Quantum , we're able to easily access this higher part of yourself for all the answers, healing and guidance needed at this time.

Let's start at the beg...

Early years development of self-awareness is essential for young empaths in avoiding a life of self sabotage and destruction.  

As a child how can you distinguish the feelings you feel are your own, or if your sensing them from those around you?

Well thats what I fa...

50% of session time with new clients is spent correcting misconceptions and managing expectations. 

In this article I will discuss what hypnosis is and how it actually works, what to expect in a therapy session and what you can do to ensure a successful healing....

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Welcome conscious co-creators.

I'm Stephanie, Quantum Healing & NLP Practitioner, author of Minds Eye Open, and keen metaphysician.

Join me as we explore what's been kept from us to too long. 

Always seek the truth!

 Drop me a message if you want to connect and share. 

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