Session Options

I conduct sessions in 2 ways, Online or In-person. I am also available by phone for consultations.

If you'd like to learn more about my services, and I hope you do, please click one of the images to learn more about how we can connect.

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Online Sessions

Online sessions are great because they allow the client to relax in their own home, they are easier  travel wise and they are open to a wider variety of people I can connect with around the world. Working with consciousness is not dependant on being physically together, amazing sessions happen online all the time, and yours can be too. We are also able to hold different elements of your session spread over a few days if time is tight for you (excluding traditional QHHT®)

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In-person Sessions

Sometimes only a face-to-face session will do! Currently, I am unable to host sessions in my space. I do however have great success with clients in there own homes or relaxing holiday accommodation. Book a short stay in a comfortable Air BnB and after the session, you can relax and integrate all the new information without having to think of leaving the building. Best nights sleep ever!

Expand your mind, change your world!

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