Microdosing Plant Medicine Course Coming


In this course you'll:

This course is for anyone interested in discovering the incredible life enhancing benifits of microdoing psilocybin and THC and how to begin your own practice safly and effectly.

  • Beging to think more creativly and discover solutions in your life

  • Develop and work with your inner voice

  • Lessen stress and anxiety

  • Micro dosing best practices and protocols

  • How to find your focus and set intention

  • Get to know the differences with different microdosing plant medicine practices

  • Learn more about the science and neuro science of microdosing

  • Get to know how to navigate your micro dosing experience, integration and how to apply new insights in your life.

  • You will learn about mental health and addictions in relation to microdosing

  • How to make a test dose and maintain safe practices

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