You already are a master manifestor and have been the whole of your life. You have been attracting into your life exactly what you align with because we are all Divine co-creators of our experience. 

What have you been attracting?

Stop struggling and let me help you connect with your Divine Consciousness and begin manifesting more of what you really want to see show up in your life and not what you have been receiving so far.

What you can expect from a coaching session with Stephanie

In your consciousness coaching session, you should already have the motivation to work together and be truthful concerning your aspirations for your life. Once I understand your current situation, I will guide you through a positive process aimed at making internal and constructive changes. I also will offer comments and opinions designed to keep your focus. Our session will last 60 minutes and can take place in person or via video chat.

Additional sessions may be suggested if further discussions will be beneficial for you and your obtaining your goals. 

  • Following your 30 min discovery call, 1 hour in-person or online video call

  • Deeply insightful support and guidance from experienced and qualified professional.

  • Accountability and check-in's

  • Develop answers and plans for resolving challenges.

  • Action steps towards achieving your goals and creating a fabulous life.

  • 24h email support when booking more than one session

  • Guided meditation Mp3 recordings 

  • Discounted BQH session


What is Consciousness Coaching?

A coaching session with Stephanie will help you with everything that you need to awaken to your sacred purpose in this life. 

Identify old thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from really living the life you deserve, develop clarity and self-awareness so you are able to release what no longer serves you and get clear on what it is you want to change, improve or manifest in your life. 

You will learn how to cultivate a deep connection with your higher self and team of cosmic helpers, read the Divine signs and messages being shown to you daily and learn from all past and present experience as the gifts of expansion they are.


Master mindfulness practices to bring about a calm and balanced mind, that will encourage you to continue to do the inner work and  long after your session. 

Grasp techniques that will help you to live life from your heart centre, communicate effectively and openly, activate and use your innate Divine gifts and to begin playing with the universe and the laws of attraction, so you will align consciously with your very best life. 

Once you have this level of awareness, you will start to see how you can now achieve the life you dreamed of having. 

Why are you being called?

You've elected to be here, during these times of vast, far-ranging energetic change, in order to make a considerable difference to the status quo. You're here to literally hold and balance the Energies as they shift, flux and flood into our Earth Space.

You have a talent and a gift, or more than one, and your lives will be spent developing and honing these in order for the frequency of the planet to be transformed by you.

The veil is finally lifting and we are beginning to remember forgotten universal knowledge. 

This lifetime may bring you through huge changes and shifts in your physical world and relationships. Every encounter you have, every karmic link you make, every place in which you find yourself is contributing purposefully to your Grand Awakening as the Light-Bringer that you are.

Many times these experiences feel very emotional and de-stabilising. Sometimes all that you know as safe and familiar is seemingly ripped away, or broken down before your eyes.


You, as many are at this time being strongly called to change almost every aspect of your life overnight.

Everything is perfect and unfolding as it should.

Your mission has started, lets get to work.


Coaching Services

(include but limited to)

Path to Purpose

Discover what really makes your heart sing and how to transition from what you've been doing to what you love to do.

Filters & Frames

How we view the world and our experiences greatly affects our path we walk.


Creating a safe space to express yourself and how to do this for others in your life.

Ascension & Awakening

So, you're waking up!

What next? Where to start? Is this feeling normal?

So many questions, let me help.


Healthy connections that cultivate continued growth without limitations.

Holistic Organising

Start your journey to organizational wellness and overall lightness in your life.

Law of Attraction

Learn how to work with the universe to bring you more of what you love. Identify why you are getting what you don't want.


Develop your personal mindfulness practice or deepen your existing one

Your Call

When you know something inside is screaming to be looked at. Let me help

  • 1 Hour Online Session - €120

  • 1 Hour In-person - €140 (appointment only)

  • 4 x 1 Hour Online Session - €360

       (saving 25%)     

  • 1 Hour Online Session - €165

       (with overnight accommodation)


I respect your privacy!


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An Inner Journey For An Expanding Awareness

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