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The craziest secret

The incredible thing about those offering to help you find your life purpose is that you already have.

Knowing your path and making peace

We are energy, ultimately, living in a universe of energy, all vibrating at different frequencies. Heard this before?


Our thoughts, feeling, emotions, words, and behaviors all create a vibrational signature that we are constantly pumping out into the energetic psychic field of creation.  


The universal consciousness that is us, and we are it, it is everything, therefore we are everything, together we co-create the world that we experience, by way of a bio-feedback loop.


This is the Quantum Field Of Infinite Possibilities and the same space that we work in when working with QHHT® or BQH.


We are able to find the original energetic cause, somewhere in time and space, and heal/clear the effect. 


The energy of powerful emotions and imbalances like addictions, depression, anxiety, fear, stress (and physical dis-ease) is the effect. We are also able to bring in healing positive energies that carry very powerful frequencies that continue on long after a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session, like UNIVERSAL LOVE,  hope, gratitude etc. leaving you and your energy bodies with a more healthy environment that promotes self-healing.  Again there are hundreds of avenues to explore within the Quantum Realms, your HS will guide us to the most appropriate treatment for you.





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Making those changes