Meditation & Mindfullness 

I absolutely am not going to teach you how to suck eggs, because most people, with exception of a few, already know what they need to do or not do, to improve their health and lives. 


It's the doing 'it', that's the challenging bit.


The Real Point Of Dis-ease.

Our higher self, that part of us, that is universal consciousness. That part, that knows all there is to know about this life and why it is you chose it. Our HS is always able to see if we are on our path to Soul purpose, or not. 

Dolores Cannon used the analogy of a maze or labyrinth. Our higher self is high above the maze, which represents our current incarnation, in its entirety. We are inside the maze, trying to find our way to our Soul purpose, only, the walls of this maze are 100 meters high and so thick we cannot see through them. We are only able to make choices as we move through the maze, of which way we should go next.

Now, when we are stuck in our conscious minds and unable to hear or feel our intuition (Higher Self) we can stray from our path, the longer we are off of our path, the more discord is created within our physical experience, the more we close our hearts.


Discord can show up as sickness, pain, breakdowns, discomfort, unhealthy relationships and/or difficult life situations. Our higher selves are creating these signals and messages within our experience to wake us up to our imbalance, as an attempt to realign us with our true path. The real reason why it is you are here. 

If we ignore these signs and messages, the discord will become so great that it will eventually create an experience where you are forced to learn. If you don't, then you come back again until you do.

I see these messenger gifts as some of the most incredible aspects of ourselves, that often is the catalyst for unimaginable transformation and self-realization. Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a special tool that can help you connect with the deeper meanings of your sickness, discomfort, addictions or anything else that is causing you to limit yourself. 

Understanding meditation


A simple daily practice
for beginners


Listening to Music
The why's and the what' s

Consciousness is similar to a muscle. The more you use it and develop it and become aware of it, the more it expands.


A mind that is stretched by new experiences, can never go back to its old dimensions.


It is often reported by my clients and those of other practitioners that growth and development continue long after the actual Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. Once you experience connection with your HS and feel how it shows up for you, it's like the experience itself, triggers, or activates your higher mind. Learning meditation will become easier, you begin to hear/feel your intuition for what seems like the first time. Changes definitely begin to happen within your inner world. 

A deeper understanding of what it really means to be here, as a human, on earth, at this time, is transformative in itself. But, this is huge information to integrate.

  Moving from one paradigm to another is an incredible opportunity. We only experience exactly what it is we can handle, the more evolved consciously we are, the more incredible delights we are exposed to. So moving forward... QHHT® is perfect for opening doors, changing perceptions and helping you to fully realize your unique greatness in this amazing life.