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Important Question..

for anyone with a real desire to create a more fulfilling life.

Are you one of the 96% of people whose personal development efforts have failed?

(SECTION 2) Expand on the question loop or the problem posed in the headline, unpacking the importance while ramping up the stakes in having/solved.

(SECTION 3) Agitate

Describe what life looks like now for our reader, in detail versus what it could look like - emphasizing that it's not your reader's fault. Specifically, it's not their fault because the solution they've been offered before fell short in some important way.

(SECTION 4) The Moment Of Highest Tension

Describe a very specific low point or crisis moment when the reader felt the most intense symptoms of the problem you can solve. Where were they at that moment? What were they doing to cope? How did it feel in vivid, intense language?

(SECTION 5) The Moment Of Highest Pleasure

Now, what does your reader want instead of this persistent problem they have? What's the dream? Here you validate that desired outcome is stated as a specific moment: the "moment of the highest pleasure." When the problem has been resolved, what will that moment of triumph look like? How will they know they have made it? 

Highlight the friction between that dream and where your reader is now.

(SECTION 6) Slaughtering The Sacred Cow

Takedown commonly-held beliefs, and install a new belief aligned with your solution. Remind the reader of the symptoms they experience because they haven't released the old beliefs. Reiterate the outcomes they can enjoy when they embrace the new beliefs (and your solution)

(SOLUTION) Why other solutions have failed the one reader... as set up to introduce the offer/your solution. This is initially an extension of your argument above: why the current solutions your reader relies on aren't working...but there's a better solution available.

(SECTION 7) The Blue Ocean Bridge

Introduce the solution that will change everything and deliver the 'moment of the highest pleasure." 

(WHY) Why you have the answer; why this solution was made to solve this very specific problem; and why it's better than anything else for your reader

(SECTION 8) Solidifying Beliefs Part 1 (your bio)

Tell the story of what brought you to create this solution for your reader. Emphasize how you stand with them against the common enemy (their barriers to achieving the desired outcome)

(SECTION 9) Solidifying Beliefs Part 2 (Testimonials)

Insert client/customer story here, defining life before they had your solution, the tipping point that caused them to seek your solution, and life after, with your solution.

(SECTION 10) The Product Reveal

Introduce the full product/solution by name, stating promise, reiterating the moment of highest tension, aka the most painful problem.

(TRY) Reveal the full offer, all the value therein, and the promise. Explore the features - always linked to benefits. Bring in more proof like testimonials, case studies, stats that reinforce you have what it takes to help the reader realize the outcome.

(SECTION 11) The Alladin Product Tour