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Why In-person Sessions?

Sometimes only a face-to-face session will do!


Especially these days when so many of us crave human contact. I love meeting my clients in real life where we can share real warm heart-to-heart hugs.


In-person sessions can include in-person attention like energy work and meditations or Quantum-Touch.


2020 into 2021 is a time of immense realignment for many, and I am no different. Currently, I am relocating my healing studio and preparing for the next adventure, which means I am unable to host sessions in my space. I do however have great success in seeing clients in there own homes or relaxing holiday accommodation. I am happy to travel to you, any journey under 1 hour is no cost. Clients have commented on how enjoyable it is to book a short stay in a comfortable Air BnB and after the session, you can relax and integrate all the new information without having to think of leaving the building. Best nights sleep ever!

Please contact me to discuss this further.

BQH  In-person Session


In-person Session for 2

Traditional QHHT® Session

Experience deep relaxation and quantum healing in this multi-hour experience. The day is dedicated to your session, energy grounding and balancing, hypnosis and integration.

Your session is recorded for you to take away.


Currently only taking appointments at your home or holiday accommodation (Air BnB or hotel). 


Sessions can be several hours in length €444 

I have had a number of couples come for in-person sessions together. Partners, BFF's, Mother and Daughter, and more.


Two sessions over two consecutive days, a special savings rate of €777.

Each session is private, but we start off as a group to chat and prepare.


Currently only taking appointments at your home or holiday accommodation (Air BnB or hotel).  

One person can relax and chill while the other explores higher dimensions!  

Dolores Cannon’s classic method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, multi-hour in-person session ONLY.

Experience a QHHT® session “just like Dolores Cannon would have facilitated”.


Will you have a classic past life? Or more of a "convoluted" experience?  Are you a "Volunteer?"


Sessions can be several hours in length €444.

Expand your mind, change your world!

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