Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are NO LIMITATIONS, only the limits of your imagination.  - Dolores Cannon

What is Past-Life Regression?

The concept of reincarnation and past-lives have existed for thousands of years and is becoming more and more widely accepted in the modern mainstream. 

A Simplified Explanation...

In metaphysical schools of thought 'we' humans are not born or do not die, we are infinite Souls or Divine Energy Expressions created within Source (the ultimate creator energy), that are infinitely experiencing different forms of consciousness, that expand and elevate our vibrational frequency.


After many thousands of incarnations, our Soul becomes sufficiently evolved, with all the growth and knowledge that we (hopefully) integrated throughout our many lifetimes, that we as energy beings become enlightened, transcend the cyclic evolutionary bounds, and once again return to Source.


Where it all begins again.

Why its important to remember.

It's possible to heal and grow your current mind-body-spirit experience by exploring past-life memories. Each unique occasion that we experience in any of our lives, every word, thought, action, and reaction, has a vibrational signature. That takes form in the energetic psychic realms of our being, and unless it is dealt with accordingly, is stored within our cellular structure and DNA for lifetimes. It will appear and reappear in many forms and guises, like issues or problems to overcome in subsequent lives thereafter, until the lesson has been learned and the energy has dissipated. Your Soul has chosen these lives for yourself, to have the beautiful opportunity to learn and grow from. When we revisit and review the original cause, we are able to heal the energetic effect, the repercussions of which will be felt across life-times.


The incarnation of Soul is not limited to the experience within human lives, or even to lives on earth. Consciousness experiencing itself is limitless in its possibilities. Like Dolores said, "only limited by the limits of your imagination." For example, incredibly valuable learning can come from a life as the wind blowing around the earth for aeons, or a short life spent as a frog. Both of these examples are taken from actual client notes in my practice. I have listed below some other examples of possible incarnations your soul may choose to experience or to show you in your Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. Soul Realms, other realms, human life on earth, life-between-lives or life-before-birth, time in the womb,  walk-ins, animate and inanimate lives, elements, nature, different animals, other planets, other beings and future lives. 

Time Is Not Linear.

As with much of what we perceive in this current life, time is an illusion. It's my belief that its created by man to solidify and convince us of the false narrative, that we are NOT exceptional beings capable of incredible things, existing as conscious co-creators of our ever-evolving reality. Big, right?

I have learned through client sessions and my own exploration of higher consciousness, that all experience exists simultaneously. Past lives, future lives, parallel lives and more, are all existing in the realms of consciousness at the same time. Through hypnosis or meditation, we are able to view these points by directing our awareness upon them. Our future is not set in stone, there are infinite possibilities and outcomes, we attract to us what is most beneficial for our souls' growth at that point in time.

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