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Welcome to Mind's Eye Open, a brand new podcast! 

THIS IS NOT YOUR USUAL CONSCIOUSNESS PODCAST! Mind's Eye Open is a bi-weekly podcast where Stephanie Harris B.Msc shares fascinating content from her Quantum Healing Hypnosis practice.


Stephanie recounts clients long-forgotten memories of extraordinary past-life experiences, miraculous healings, sacred universal wisdom, soul contracts & karma, and valuable updates and information about the consciousness shift taking place on our planet at this time. We explore past-lives as ET's on strange planets, lives as elements, soul realms, time in the womb and return to Source as Divine Energy. 

Once a month I will send you the latest episodes and updates!


Welcome to my very first episode. 

I introduce myself and give an overview of some of the content you can expect to hear from her podcast.  Let's dive in and get the ball rolling


Expand your mind, change your world!

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