The Truth About Hypnosis And What It Really Feels Like

50% of session time with new clients is spent correcting misconceptions and managing expectations.

In this article I will discuss what hypnosis is and how it actually works, what to expect in a therapy session and what you can do to ensure a successful healing.

Lets dive in.....

So What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply focused attention.

Its nothing mystical or magical. Its a natural state of trance that all humans move in and out of many times a day.

Let me explain.....

Hypnosis is a very simple and easy to explain psychological phenomena - yet is often wrongly portrayed as something more elusive and mystical.

This lack of fair representation and misinformation leaves many to throw “hypnotic wisdom” aside as mere fantasy or simply nonsense.

The Most Common Beliefs About Hypnosis That Are Not True

I wont remember anything - Everyone experiences hypnosis differently.... however most remember everything (can be a little sketchy). There are very rare folk called Somnambulistic's, they are thought to make up only 5% of the population. These people can reach the deepest levels of trance and often have no recall at all.

You can be hypnotized to do things against your will - The hypnosis practitioner is merely a guide or facilitator. He/she cannot "make" you do anything against your will. In fact, during a hypnotic session, you are completely aware of everything going on. In other words, if you do not like where the hypnotist is guiding you, you have the power to reject the suggestions.

A person can get stuck in a trance forever - No one has ever been stuck in a hypnotic trance. If the hypnotist fails to emerge someone from hypnosis, he/she will return to a fully alert state on their own. Depending on that person's need for sleep, he/she will either drift on into a natural sleep or simply emerge to full consciousness spontaneously within minutes.

A person under hypnosis is asleep or unconscious - Hypnosis is neither sleep nor unconsciousness. From the mental standpoint the client is generally relaxed and may be keenly alert, in a comfortable state where the person can think, talk and even move about if needed.

Not everyone can be hypnotised - One of the phrases I have heard more than most in relation to hypnotism is ‘No-one can hypnotise me’. Hypnotism is not a battle of wills between the hypnotist and the subject. The fact is that in order for a subject to enter a trance, there has to be absolutely 100% co-operation between the hypnotist and his subject.

The conscious control of the mind is inhibited, and the sub-conscious mind awoken.

Hypnosis is a natural state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

Hypnosis is thought to work by altering our state of consciousness through concentrated physical and mental relaxation, in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is turned off, while the non-analytical right-hand side is made more alert.

Everyone can be hypnotized, in fact all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Contrary to popular belief there are no people who can not be hypnotized. In fact the more certain someone is or the more intelligent an individual is, the easier they can enter trance.

As you enter hypnosis, you actually disconnect your mind from the body and surroundings. That means that your awareness is withdrawn from the normal alert state you walk around in and goes inward.

The power of hypnosis is your ability to harness the full potential of your imagination without the normal restrictions of the critical mind. This is when a skilled hypnotherapist can help you make dramatic changes in your life. The hidden power of trance is in the suggestions you listen to and how much you embrace these new ideas.

There are countless ways to enter a trance. It is similar to falling asleep just not losing conscious awareness. That means that you are able to hear and sense things around you but, typically your eyes are closed, you are not moving, just resting comfortably relaxed.

Amazing things happen when you relax on purpose.

You should notice that your breathing slows down and most of your muscles become relaxed. There is this sense of distance from where you are, the passage of time gets distorted and often you feel a pleasant, almost euphoric state of peace.

But what does hypnosis really feel like?

The experience of a hypnotic trance is not so unusual or strange.

To the contrary, it feels vaguely familiar to countless other moments in your life where you were absorbed in a zone, lost in thought, enthralled by bliss, or perhaps simply meditating.

Meditation is actually the closest you can come to a state of trance without being guided there, as you would experience in hypnosis. However meditation and hypnosis are not the same.

I often refer to it as taking my clients on a journey, a metaphorical trip in your mind or imagination.

Hypnosis does feel very nice and relaxing, almost like taking a nap.

The big difference is in what you are guided to experience during the trance. There are many unusual effects that hypnosis can have on a person. An example of a famous one is the arm levitation, where your arm rises up with a distinct sense that you are not doing it intentionally.

There are many strange sensations a person can have during a trance which can only happen under hypnosis; none of these can cause you any harm or pain. Remember, that you cannot be hypnotized against your will, it works only if you agree to let it happen.

What I have noticed when using clinical hypnotherapy is that patients who have reservations about their trance experience usually have deeper more satisfactory experience of trance around the third session. I put this down to, nervousness or trying to make it happen, rather than just going with the experience.

Ultimately then, the diverse array of sensations both physical, sensory and emotionally are so wide ranging it is near impossible to explain what trance will feel like.

We are all unique from one another and so are our hypnotic experiences.

Things You Can Do To Ensure A Successful Healing Session

1. Choose The Right Therapist For You

This is essential, if you are not comfortable in any way the session is destined for failure. Does the therapist have an understanding of your issue? Do you have rapport with each other? Its perfectly fine to terminate your appointment once you get there if you don't feel totally at ease, the therapist will agree. This process requires trust.

2. Set Your Intention

As soon as you have made the appointment, have it clear in your mind of your desired outcome. This prepares your subconscious for what is expected and will ensure success. Any doubt will inhibit healing.

3. Take Care Of Your Needs

Make sure to eat and drink before 1 hour prior to the session, wear comfortable cloths, turn off your devices and pop to the toilet. Take care of anything that may be a distraction during your session.

4. Avoid Stimulants

Arriving in a calm and relaxed mind is your aim, avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and recreational drugs. Don't sow up to your appointment drunk or high, you will be turned away and rescheduled.

5. Your Comfort Is Priority

Your therapist will take of most things to create a relaxing setting, but if you find you are a little cold or uncomfortable, speak up. Feel free to make any adjustments like taking your shoes off or ask for an extra pillow.

6. Take A List Of Questions

Write down any questions you want answering before your session so you don't forget anything when you get there. Don't leave anything out, your therapist will work through the list with you and discuss the best course of action.

7. Clear Your Schedule

Ask your therapist (if they don't tell you) how long they expect the session to take and clear your schedule. It can be very distracting if you only have a short time and things to get done straight after. Clear your schedule and switch of your phone.

Hopefully this has cleared up some concerns you may of been having about hypnosis.

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