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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

If you had the opportunity to speak with the all knowing Soul consciousness, what would you ask? With Quantum Healing Hypnosis, we're able to easily access this higher part of yourself for all the answers, healing and guidance needed at this time.

Let's start at the beginning......

What or who is your higher self?

This question implies that your Higher Self is separate or external from you, which is not the case. You are a part of your Higher Self. It is more you than you.

We are all so much more than the blood and bones, physical human being we have been led to believe. Our ancient ancestors were fully aware of our soul's origins and what has now become universal lost knowledge.

The really great news is that we are waking up to the truth.

If you can accept you are more than just this physical being, you can understand that you are your higher self, having a physical experience.

You are just one of many thousands of incarnations of your Higher Self, an energy off shoot if you will, of a way bigger infinite soul consciousness living a human experience here on the earth plane.

Those flashes of insight, gut feelings, and hunches are your Higher Self is trying to guide you on the right course of action. It guides you with intuition and ignites your inspiration. Alarming you of danger and bringing awareness to areas of your life that may need attention.

Our Souls True Purpose

Our one true soul's purpose is to learn and grow from our experiences in our various incarnations, so we are able to ascend consciously and ultimately return home to the source.

Every thought, emotion and desire, we experience is energy, they generate frequencies, so it makes sense that every experience we have effect's our energy bodies or consciousness.

The more we live in higher vibrational frequencies the more we are able to see the truth, keeping the lines of communication open and clear for higher knowledge and guidance.

Do You Buy The Lie?

The beliefs that success in life is solely rated (yes, pun intended) by academic success, financial status and or keeping up with the Jones's to name a few are completely fabricated misinformation by the human powers that run our planet designed entirely to keep you asleep.

The truth of it is that this lost knowledge of our divine truth hasn't been forgotten, it's been hidden. Not only kept from us, but used against us.

By keeping us in the lower vibration thought systems like Anger (fighting each other, segregation for a cause, helpless against the system), Desire (consumerism, sugar & fast food, must have what they have attitude), Fear (war, terrorist attacks, climate change), Shame (Debt, poor physical health, not living up to the expected norms). They keep us in the loop of survival and ultimately drive us further and further away from ascension. Further away from connecting with our Higher Selves.


Because how could they manipulate and control (for their own gains) a whole civilization of awakened conscious human beings. Impossible!

Anyway, I've given this enough energy and hopefully shed some light on what we are facing here on earth.

Before We Incarnate

When we are in energy form, we choose the lives and experiences that we feel would benefit our soul's development the most at that time. This doesn't mean that you can only pick lives to live on Earth, they can be in any form, dimension or galaxy.

So, let's stick with discussing lives on Earth right now, because that's where you are reading this from, right?

When we are in spirit, we only feel love. We can recall all details of all of our lives, past and future. We understand the purpose of the lives we choose and the lessons we wish to learn. In fact, we can see the whole plan clearly. The total entirety of the bigger picture.

Agreeing eagerly to what you have lined up for yourself, you can hardly wait to get down here and get started.


Once you enter into the Earth realm everything is different. Very early in life, often at birth, but not exclusively, the veil of amnesia is activated. Yup, you can't remember anything about where you came from, past lives or the amazing plan of why you are here.

And just to make things a little more complicated (after all, nobody said this should be easy) Free Will and Karma are thrown into the mix.

You see the Earth realm is very unique in many ways. It is considered to be the most difficult place a soul can incarnate, but the rewards (learning) are tremendous and far reaching. By completing all necessary live's on earth and paying back all negative Karma (which I would like to add their would be very little if we are all awake), you reach eternal enlightenment, Nirvana, and are released from this realm to continue incarnating elsewhere.

It's the Karma that keeps us coming back, but the real thorn is free will. Our Higher Self cannot simply tell us what we should do to ascend, it is only able to give us feelings, insights and cryptic symbology in our dreams. We choose to listen or not.

We may listen, but do we do anything about it?

Often not.

So higher guidance might start as a repeating thought or 'knowing' and if we don't listen and make changes to correct our path according to the divine plan, over the months and years the messages will manifest in stronger forms such as physical complaints and or ill health for example.

If we still don't take heed then you can guess what happens, usually our health takes such a beating over a very long period of time and is often time's the cause of our death, it ends our life. After we have transitioned we have the opportunity to look back over that life and assess how we done.

With unresolved lessons, they will need to be repeated.

So we go back again.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Hundreds of modalities are now becoming accessible to more and more people of this planet, to help with mass ascension. QHHT is a tool to help you re-connect directly to your Higher Self.

Connecting with your Higher Self is a bit of a paradox because, you are always connected. More than connected, you are one, you It has never gone anywhere but some have stopped listening and lost belief.

Many are finding that as the earth is ascending and universal consciousness is once again awakening you are being called or guided in rediscovering your divine truth, your original plan.

This is a chance for your Higher Self to be heard without question. Most of my clients have unknowingly severed communication with their energy self believing that only what we perceive with our physical senses is real and tend to ignore this hugely important aspect of ourselves.

An opportunity where you are able to experience an undeniable connection with your Higher Self can be life changing. I have witnessed incredible transformations and healing (emotional and physical) when the this part of YOU open.

It's not uncommon for a client's Higher Self to express thanks for facilitating QHHT with my client because they have been trying to get through for many years, and now they can. Powerful stuff.

Like I said at the beginning, we are waking up to the truth. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is just one of the ways to help you see through the veil and connect with infinite wisdom and universal knowledge.

These are truly incredible times to be alive, we are here for a reason.

So, if you had the opportunity to speak with your all knowing Soul consciousness, what would you ask?

If you are interested in booking a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session with Stephanie or find out her where about's during 2019 please visit or email

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