Connecting With The Universal Mind

Updated: May 8, 2020

Everything around exists as part of the Universal Mind, also known as Higher Consciousness, One Mind or God Mind.

The Universal Mind is the unrealized energy essence of Divine Consciousness out of which all physical form is created.

You are part of this higher intelligence and a product of this field of infinite possibilities.

This higher intelligence exists in complete and absolute harmony with all that is and has ever been and perfectly creates your thoughts, feelings and beliefs as the world you experience around you.

You can learn to tap into this Higher Mind and draw to you, unlimited health, abundance, new ideas, knowledge, and anything else you desire, as long as it is in accordance with your Divine life plan.

The Universal Mind is perfection.

It perfectly creates what you think about.

How best can you connect with this vast, infinite intelligence?

Think about what you want instead of what you don't want.

The Universal Mind creates what you think about.

Thoughts are energy. Direct your energy to your your dreams, hopes and goals, and fully intend to have them. Surrender your conscious (now) mind and allow it to be guided by your Higher Self and have clear, positive and creative thoughts.

Imagine that your reality is in truth only a play.

You have embellished your production with with certain props. Your home, job, and material possessions, all reflecting what you think you can have.

You draw to yourself, other people or characters in your very own show, who play out different roles, acting as mirrors to teach you more about yourself. You are here to learn about your thoughts and emotions, and you learn by seeing them reflected all around you.

Since your reality is YOUR show, you can direct it in any way you want.

You can change the script anytime you want, bring in new actors, and make play turn out better. You can have everything you want that serves your highest good.

Your reality is not as rigid as you believe; you can change your reality more easily than you think. You can have a world of joy, smiling faces, peace, abundance and, more; there really are no limits to what you can have.

The more expansive your thoughts, the more expansive the reality you create.

Your imagination and creativity are two of the most important keys to making a better reality for yourself.

You need to be creative to work with things as energy, and you need to use your imagination to to picture the results you want.

When you use your imagination and creativity, you can expand your ideas of what is possible.

You have the ability to generate new ideas that will take you to higher levels in your life and work.

Stop for a moment and think of something you would like to improve. Then, be creative and picture something even better than than you have yet imagined even happening in this area.

Don't accept your current circumstances as the best you'll ever have.

You can learn to be creative.

You have experienced moments of creativity, sudden insights, new visions of the way something could be done, and bursts of inspiration.

The only difference between people who think they are creative and people who think they aren't is their belief something is possible.

The belief vibration is by far the most powerful manifestation energy available to us. And on the flip side, doubt energy (being a construct of the conscious mind) acts as a filter or blocker to your connection from the powers of the Universal Mind.

When you notice doubt rising within in you, give yourself permission not to engage it, unless you wish to sabotage yourself.

Ask yourself......

'Do I align with the Universal Mind and its guidance or do I allow my human, conscious mind to block it?'

And let it go.....

Believe in your success. Picture yourself having what you want.

Learn to use your imagination. Our ability to picture something that does not yet exist in reality is one of our greatest gifts.

Our imagination transcends this dimension and connects with the Universal mind of infinite possibilities.

Take time to daydream, fantasize, relax, and think about what you want to create. Practice thinking in new and unlimited ways.

Believe that once you set your intention on having something, everything that happens from that point on is preparing you to have it.

As you picture your success and affirm that you already have it, the Universal Mind works with you, creating perfectly for you the things you think about and believe in.

The Universal Mind can create FOR you, only what It can create THROUGH you.

You are a co-creative consciousness force working together with the Universal Mind.

It creates for you the best that is possible within the boundaries of your current ability to receive what you are asking for.

If you think in expanded, creative, and open ways, The Universal Mind will reflect this by giving you the more far-reaching and extensive things you think about.

You can have the best life you can imagine.

If you would like to activate your Superconscious mind and start manifesting more of what you want into your life I've put together a powerful meditation for you to get started on and practice connecting with the Universal Mind.

Now the purpose of this meditation is to connect with the Universal Mind and bring something you want from the world of infinite possibilities in physical form.

For this exercise, think of a specific thing you want, something that is a definite object or thing, not a relationship or a quality such as inner peace.

Connecting With the Universal Mind


As with all my meditations I start by asking you to get into

Your Higher Self state.

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1. Imagine a geometric grid-work of light around your head, extending straight upwards, into the higher dimensions. The higher it goes, the finer and more beautiful the geometric grid-work becomes. Send your awareness up along this grid-work and imagine you are leaving your earth reality and going into the world of essence that is the Universal Mind.

2. See yourself meeting with the un-manifest energy of what you want to create. Use your imagination to picture it. Engage all of your senses to fully the object. Does it have a pattern or Can you sense or feel it? Can you make it into a symbol that you can easily identify with the object?

3. Enhance the image, make it more flowing, open, and harmonious. Amplify it even more, perhaps adding more vibrant, fragrance, and try adding beautiful sounds. Make its, texture and patterns more beautiful. Make it a size that feels good. Imagine that the un-manifest energy of what you are creating is alive and let it interact with you.

4. You are now ready to bring this into your physical world. Let the energy of what you want into subatomic particles of light. Create the particles with as higher vibration as you can imagine. As you change its energy into particles of light, see it crossing from the world of infinite possibilities into the world of form and matter. Let these particles together. Imagine them having a shape and mass as they come together.

5. Open your heart to receive these light particles that represent the energy of what you want. Greet them with love and embrace them as you draw them to you.

6. Bring these particles of subatomic energy into your DNA, located in the centre of every cell. Feel the particles penetrating all your DNA, which are encoded with your life's program. Imagine your DNA are now cooperating to bring this thing into your life in its highest, most enlightened form. The light particles of this thing are harmonizing with your life through your DNA so that it comes to you easily and fits into every part of your life.

7. Radiate light particles of what you want from your DNA into all your cells, and then into all your emotions and mind.

8. Pretend you already have this thing you want in your life. How do you feel now that you have it? Imagine you are creating a time and space for it. How much space does it take? How close in time are you putting it?

9. What you want in advance for coming to you. Affirm that you are ready to have it in your life be ready to receive it and when it comes. As you return to the room, feel your new connection to this thing you are bringing into your life.

Repeat this meditation every day until you have manifest what you want to form.


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