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A Metaphysical Retreat For Collective Healing

Updated: May 8

The concept for a 'Soul Retreat' (I am now calling it) has been channeled from higher consciousness. Its is to support us with our ascension process and symptoms at this time.

picture: dreamcatcher in feather room @Semente da Vida Retreat Center

So, to set the scene. I have ended up manifesting a retreat center in a beautiful natural park in Portugal. We are living close to nature and the sun shines pretty much all the time. My family live here also and friends are coming to stay to help prepare the center.

picture: @soulretreat.PT

For the previous days I had, had the words 'Solo Retreats' rolling around and around my mind, and I am familiar enough with how my Higher Self communicates by now that I understood this to be where I should focus.

I set to work on writing up a plan for Solo Retreats, which are ultimately just retreats that you can go to on your own. I did register that all retreats are places you can go to on your own, so why am I creating this?

Quickly after starting I I felt a flow, an unfamiliar ease of describing a retreat concept, focus and content, without little thought. Unlike my usual rhythm when writing these types of things.

A few hours pass and a well constructed schedule formed before me.

A concept I had not considered with my conscious mind yet.

These were not my thoughts. Even the grammar was different from my own. But I liked it, it had a fluidity to it. It felt like dancing with words sometimes (sounds ridiculous, I know). But easy.

I realised what I was experiencing while it was happening. I could view the situation from outside of it. As a third person, and ask questions.

As my questions formed, instantly so did the answers.

Why is this retreat needed?

Quantum Hypnosis is a very powerful tool when working with consciousness. There are many other ways to achieve the same outcome, however Quantum Hypnosis is extremely effective for most. Through the use of these methods you are able to access and unlock your deepest soul memories and once again remember. When you remember you can heal. We are at a time of great change in humanity. Many are waking up. This retreat concept is in response to your need at this time and to help with your ascension process and symptoms.

Can we go deep enough in a group setting?

The group energy is unique in itself. It is by no mistake that the people come together as they do, when they do. Each one that attends will have a purpose for the collective as well as their own reasons for being there. You will help each other to heal yourselves just being in each others energy. The intention will be set well before the retreat starts. The preparation workshop is a valuable time to prepare the group for a successful hypnosis session. And dedicated attention on the integration and healing after also helps to ensure a profound experience.

What is the concept?

For people to come and dedicate time to connecting with there inner wisdom. Each person that hears this call will be able to communicate in this way. Ask questions directly with higher self, angels or guides and discover information that will help them in some way to improve their life. For three days after transcendental hypnosis, continued revelations may flow. learning and practicing holistic wellness methods at this time is very beneficial. Although the group is a powerful space, the individual journey is paramount. Make it possible for participants to feel into what's best for them. Provide a safe space where you can be close to nature. Eat fresh, organic produce and drink lots of water.

What do I need to know now, to ensure people get to know about these events?

Stay pure to the intention and remain heart centered. Remember to be you at all times, refrain from holding anything back and authentically communicate your message with genuine passion. When you don't feel that energy, don't do it.

Always ensure that you remain affordable and don't go beyond your means. Be flexible in your thinking and continue to cultivate balance yourself. You will be downloading a great deal of new information, which has already started. Look after yourself.

Connect with nature more. Bring the groups into nature. This is very important. Write about it, talk about it, share it with as many people you can. The right people will come. Trust.

So here it is.


5 Day Soul Retreat - Connecting w/ Higher Consciousness Hypnosis & Healing in Portugal


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picture: Cover picture for Soul Retreat April 2020

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