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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

2020 what a year......... and were rattling toward what looks to be another year of great chaos and in my opinion, a beautiful madness. I wanted to share with you a brief message of light as we move through these incredible times.

Why am I so joyful amidst such turbulent times, economically, personally, collectively, spiritually and so much more?

Because I understand the script that is playing out at this time.

It is one of brilliant hope. I want to offer some insight into what really is happening now, within you and around the world, and that not to fear these cosmic and earthly changes, be patient.

This is essential and unavoidable turbulence, as human beings evolve consciously and collectively as a species and begin to perceive greater and greater truths.

In all areas of life, every human has and still is, experiencing incredible change in some form or another, which can be challenging or rewarding, or both at the same time. We are living through a 'Karmic Dump', if you will. A time where we individually and collectively are being offered the opportunity to heal and release, tonnes of Karmic trail back, leaving the path clear to ascend into a higher understanding of being human at this time.

What does all this mean in layman terms?

It means that you, me, everybody, are becoming aware of repeating patterns in our lives and that on reflection you realize that this has been happening throughout your whole life.

Often times these are personal perceptions of a situation or another, that has kept you locked in cycles of unhelpful or harmful behaviour. Or maybe they served at one time but now they do not. Now is the time we will begin to see this collectively and understand that once and for all.

Address what is being shown to you in a mindful way and release the Karma.

These situations and experiences that show up in your life will undoubtedly be full of very deep introspection and emotional triggers that would have normally knocked you off your feet and only added to your life's accumulating emotional traumas.

However this time you are able to see the healing opportunity in your darkness and learn a whole new way of processing life's messengers, emotions.

Just as it is in our personal worlds it is also being manifest globally with all of the political, economical and environmental imbalance coming to a crescendo in these months and years. The spotlight has exposed so much if you are ready to see.

I urge you to fully feel every single moment of your human story, all of the powerful teaching emotions from grief to liberation. By being totally present with what comes up within you and not repressing the very reason you chose to be human.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. - C. G. Jung

We are already well on our way through the consciousness shift, however the most expansive times are yet to come. Knowing how best to navigate these changes makes this an extraordinary event to experience. For those that are yet to 'see', 2021 will be a tremendous battle of the soul.

All experience is perfect.

To all that read this, please remember, if you are facing challenging times, just know that on the other side of this experience is a wiser self. A self that understands why it is they are here, a self that anticipates life's rich learnings with a clear understanding of the growth and healing provided and a self that revels in the interconnectedness of everything.

Trust the process and all will become good.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing with you articles, videos and courses focused on helping you to expand your consciousness and begin experiencing life working for you instead of against.

See you in the New Year beautiful Souls

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