Being Triggered By Others In Lockdown

Quantum Hypnosis Healer and Consciousness Coach Stephanie Harris shares valuable insights on how being emotionally triggered by others in 'lockdown' can be an incredibly powerful tool for self-healing and personal development, that shouldn’t be missed.

By following her simple five-point guide below whenever you feel strong emotional responses arise, you can take back your power and stop unnecessary conflict before it starts. With this exclusive method, everyone is able to develop their self-awareness, establish a deeper connection and understanding of themselves and those around them, resolve conflict, heal and learn new and beneficial ways of being.


Lockdown is for sure a testing time for many and in soooooo many different ways.

But this doesn’t mean it needs to be a negative experience.

Oh no, quite the contrary.

Learning new ways of reading your emotional responses can start you on a path of self-empowerment and happiness which will continue to grow long after lockdown.

By developing our Self-awareness in this way our consciousness ‘muscle’ can grow. It isn’t easy but it is totally possible. Being able to objectively look at ourselves and our thoughts that arise inside of us catalyses great change in all areas of our lives, giving you the tools to take control of your life path.

And when we can do this we align with our dreams and make them happen, easily.

Consciousness and self-awareness are a little like pandora's box. Once you begin to use it, it never goes backwards.

So, why is Stephanie shining a light on this topic?

Stephanie says, ‘I have received umpteen calls during this time, asking how can friends and clients get through lockdown without there relationships breaking down or losing their heads themselves because of the tensions that are building?’

An incredible amount of people are snapping and arguing with those closest to them and are missing the opportunity of personal growth.

One common challenge we face from this enforced confinement with others is the inevitable flare-ups of irritation, disappointment, anger and aggression (to only name a few), over seemingly small actions, words or behaviours, of others that would normally not even register on your radar.

Whether you are on lockdown with family members, a partner or a spouse, or a shared house with friends or strangers, we can all feel the pinch of frustration from time to time. If these frustrations aren’t dealt with in a mindful way, I can guarantee they will reappear time and time again, in other forms until they are.

So, why is it that things bother us so much more, now we are on lockdown?

It’s not, that ‘things’ bother us more’ but rather we are unable to avoid them.

In lockdown we may feel that our freedom is taken away from us, we are no longer able to engage our well practised survival strategies of running away (flight), argue or attack (fight) or become silent or ignore (freeze). We can feel like a caged animal where anything and everything that others say and do wind us up.

Stephanie says, “The lockdown situation is forcing us to face whatever it is inside of us that needs a closer look at. In normal circumstances, we would avoid or distract ourselves from what makes us uncomfortable or feel challenged. In doing this though we never really resolve the deep-down issues that often are the hidden catalyst to many of the problems we face in life. I see this unique time we are collectively experiencing, as an opportunity to finally let go of what no longer serves us and to re-emerge as the powerful co-creators that we are”.

let's take a closer look at what ‘being triggered’ really means.

Triggers are strong emotional responses to a person or situation outside of us. Oftentimes these impulsive reactions are a result of some negative experience or another, often but not exclusively stemming from childhood. They are never the other person fault, they are from within us. Our perception of anthers actions, behaviours, opinions and/or words are exactly that, ours.

The other person probably isn’t even aware of how they are affecting you.

When we experience stress or challenges in our lives we create a story, and this story justifies our learned responses. We then spend a lifetime subconsciously concreting this response (positive or negative). Years later, when we face that similar emotion within us it can activate the original memory anchored to it. This is because we have never really dealt with or resolved the original trauma at the point of origin.

Often we are not self-aware when we are triggered and fall into reacting without taking the time to check where these strong emotional responses are coming from.

Leaving everyone involved agitated, upset and/or confused. Not a great place to be.

Especially in lockdown.

How can we turn these negative emotional responses into positive transformational change?

Take a look at Stephanie’s ‘Know Yourself’ guide below and see how these simple actions really help to reframe your view of instantaneous challenges as they arrive in your life. Regular practise of these methods will help you to regain clarity, calm and self-control through gaining a deeper understanding of what messages are being shown you.

Powerful stuff.

Use these 5 easy steps to start manifesting change in your life

#1- Stop & Breathe.

On the first signs of becoming agitated or the first times, you notice yourself becoming frustrated with something or someone around you, stop, and take a deep breath of recognition. Close your eyes and make a conscious point of noticing these emotions for they have so much to show you. Congratulations! You have successfully broken the link of compulsive reactive behaviour and you, my friend, have made the first move to becoming self-aware. Give your self a pat on the back because I know it's not easy. Good job!

Now what?

#2- Review.

Before you react, review. Take a look at the emotions that are being triggered and what actually caused them to trigger right now. Be honest, is it really the situation at hand or is it something that repeats in your life at other times? Try not to engage in the story so much and step outside of your personal viewpoint. Imagine how the same situation is viewed by the other person. Is it the same as yours? Often times you will find that it’s not the first time you have experienced this, then how far back can you go to find the original feeling? Be kind to yourself when doing this, we are human and this is a gift of learning. You may find it easier to write down your memories as you go further back to the source.

#3- Communicate.

With calm energy and an open heart, communicate with the other person how you are feeling. Remember that this is your experience, so own it. Don’t enter into conversation with a blaming attitude or a finger-pointing approach. You are simply looking to communicate how you are feeling. More often than not the other person will reveal that they simply didn’t know how their actions, words or whatever was triggering you. A result of this practice is that you both gain a much deeper understanding of how each of you ticks, it’s a beautiful thing.

If the other person doesn’t want to communicate or it’s simply not possible for some reason don’t stress. You are the one that is going to grow as a result of this practice. maybe it was always intended to be a personal process just for you.

#4- Send love & Gratitude.

Either on your own or with the other person/people, send love and thanks to the emotion for bringing you an opportunity to learn from and expand consciously as the self-aware person you were always intended to be. Love and gratitude carry powerful vibrations of change. By remembering to send love and gratitude you are now creating a news anchor, a much more positive and beneficial point of origin

#5- Moving Forward.

Mentally release any tensions accumulated from digging deep into your emotional archive by imagining a beautiful rainbow-coloured bubble, and within that bubble is the old reactive response that once held so much control over you and your actions. In your mind's eye watch that bubble drift and float higher and higher into the sky, until you can no longer see it. Remain open to the experiences that arise within you as our emotions are our biggest teachers.

If you made a list on paper, set a match to the paper and watch the smoke take away all that no longer serves you. Give yourself permission to be free.

Final thoughts…..

When the first blooms of awareness begin to flower in our lives it can create a great deal of inner turmoil as we begin to notice truths about ourselves that previously where hidden in the darkness, this is normal.

Be kind to yourself, be patient, all real long-lasting change takes time and patients. We all start somewhere. Change is happening behind the scenes even when we sleep. One day you will look back on this time of great change as a blessing.

Remember that we are all on our own unique journey of self-discovery and healing, whether we are aware of this or not. Compassion towards others opens hearts and makes for a more connected experience. Change starts from within and the first steps to becoming more self-aware are often the most difficult and I am talking from experience, what I have shared here is not theory.

As you commit to owning what triggers you, you will begin to see transformation happen in many other areas of your life and even in those around you.

Trust the process, this is what we are here to do after all. To learn from our pains and become the very best version of ourselves possible. If you would like to discover how Stephanie can help you Transform Your Life visit

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