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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Are you ready to heal and transform your life?

Hypnosis is not a cure but a means to establish a favorable inner landscape in which to learn and grow.


Stephanie will guide you to access past-life memories stored inside your subconscious to learn and grow from.

QHHT is an amazing
 journey of consciousness


QHHT® is a powerful and effective regressive

hypnosis technique created by the late Dolores Cannon,

that easily and quickly allows the client

to access a naturally occurring, deeply relaxed

brainwave states, where we are able to connect with

higher consciousness.

 It still remains to be one of the most effective

healing modalities available today.



"Mankind must come to the realization

that we are more than we consciously perceive.

That we are more than it is possible for us to perceive.

We play at the game of life in whatever form

or dimension we find it."

-Dolores Cannon


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Soul Regression

Stored within our subconscious mind are all the memories of all experiences that have been and are yet to be, just like a memory drive on a computer.

Journeying through lifetimes with Soul regression can reveal many answers to situations in your current life. 

We will discover your soul and cosmic family, and how they may or may not appear in your current life, address fears and phobias, discover where you go between lives, and much more.

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Health & Wellness

Our bodies are giving us a whole load of guidance if only we listened.

I will help you to hear the important information your physical body is communicating to you so that you can begin to move past anything that may be holding you back, and fully realize your power.

What do you need to know?

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Higher Consciousness

In this space of all-knowing, outside of limiting beliefs,

our higher self resides.

Here we are able to view all of your lives in their entirety, how they interlink and why?

We are able to ask any question that we desire clarity with and deep dive

into your chosen purpose here in this life.

We will also explore life themes, contracts and gain a deeper understanding of the real you.



The evolution of QHHT

What is (BQH)
Beyond Quantum Healing?

BQH is also a progressive hypnosis regression technique,

that accesses the same field of consciousness as QHHT®. 

The concept of BQH was developed by Candase Craw-Goldman

who studied with and assisted Dolores Cannon from 2008- to

her death in 2014.

She practiced QHHT® exclusively from 2008-2016,

before creating the BQH model.

BQH is open, naturally evolving, and highly personal

consciousness exploration and healing method

that encourages practitioners to use all of

their innate skills to help clients. ​

  • It has no owner or leader 

  • There are no strict scripts

  • There are no rigid rules

  • It is highly adaptive and inclusive

"QHHT & BQH are essentially the same,

the only difference

is that in a

BQH session the practitioner can

utilize other

healing methods

within the

hypnotic trance.

QHHT on steroids,"

Dolores Cannon highly encouraged free thinking from practitioners within the realms of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session.

She deeply understood, more than most, the natural evolution and expansion of humankind's capability to comprehend complex knowledge.

Dolores was also famed for her self-confessed insatiable curiosity of ALL things and I feel she would be very excited to see her method being advanced.

"All healing is self-healing
and you are infinitely more powerful than you might realize."
- Dolores Cannon
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  • Expectations


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