An amazing journey of your consciousnesses that truly is a

way of finding that all answers and healing lie within.

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

QHHT® stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique,


It is a regressive hypnosis technique created by the late Dolores Cannon and still remains to be one of the most effective healing modalities available today.


A powerful and effective hypnotic induction method that easily and quickly allows the client to access a naturally occurring, deeply relaxed brainwave state where we are able to connect with higher consciousness.


I work with your Higher Self, that part of you that knows everything there is to know about all the lives you have lived and are yet to live, and we explore the reasons why we have been brought together. 


The Evolution Of QHHT

BQH is also a progressive hypnosis regression technique, that accesses the same field of consciousness as QHHT®, the sad truth is now that Dolores Cannon is continuing on her journey of forever-forever, the copyrights to QHHT® is being cared for by her family. To create a Copywrite the structure had to be set I assume, so to deviate from the traditional 'Dolores' script would be a violation of this. 

Dolores Cannon highly encouraged free thinking, from practitioners within the realms of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session, she deeply understood, more than most I would say, the natural evolution and expansion process, of such soul healing methods reflecting the rising consciousness of humankind.


The content of ALL of her books backs this up.

"QHHT & BQH are essentially the same, the only difference is that in a BQH session

the practitioner can utilise other healing methods within the hypnotic trance.

QHHT on steroids,"

The concept of BQH was developed by Candase Craw-Goldman who studied with and assisted Dolores Cannon from 2008- to her death in 2014. Practised QHHT® exclusively from 2008-2016, before creating the BQH model.

BQH is an open, naturally evolving and highly personal consciousness exploration and healing method that encourages practitioners to use all of their ESP skills to help clients.


It has no owner or leader. There are no strict scripts. There are no rigid rules. It is highly adaptive and inclusive.

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What is (BQH) Beyond Quantum Healing and how does it differ from traditional QHHT?


(From the Dolores Cannon Website)

  • Time is not at all the way we conceive it, not linear.

  • The Subconscious retains knowledge from prior existences and is able to be accessed and inquired of, with reliable results

  • Some people have been contacted by extraterrestrials from childhood

  • Contacts between families and extraterrestrial races can be multi-generational

  • The Greys are like biological robots, created by another race, very slender with large black eyes

  • Abductees are taken by a mutual agreement made before their birth

  • Amnesia is bestowed upon coming to Earth regarding past lives and the soul contracts made before birth

  • Millions on Earth are being contacted by extraterrestrials

  • Some here as "Volunteers" have never incarnated on Earth before

Scroll down for more information and to learn more about how Quantum Healing can help you.

Quantum Realms of Unlimited Possibility

Below are some common examples of exploration and areas where healings may take place within the

Quantum Realms, there are no limits, only the limits you create yourself, the limits of your imagination.

  • The Soul, the Higher Self, and the Akashic Records

  • Past Lives, Life Between Lives, Just Before Birth.

  • The Divine Connection & that of your Spiritual Team: Guides, Soul & Cosmic Family.

  • Ask questions and instantly receive answers direct from Higher Consciousness.

  • Connect with loved one's who have crossed over into Spirit Realms.

  • Release from the past; including past relationships, past-life contracts & situations causing emotional pain

  • Soul Origins, Source and Interplanetary Connections

  • Change behaviours and patterns through spiritual clearing, new wisdom and wholeness.

  • Receive spiritual healing on different levels including the Inner Child and Shadow Work.

  • Receive practical guidance to improve your quality of life, NOW and moving forward!

  • Learn how to create peace, happiness and love for self and others.

  • Expand your spiritual awareness; assist with a deeper heart opening and higher guidance of your Soul path and purpose. 

"All healing is self-healing and you are infinitely more powerful than you might realize." - Dolores Cannon

More information about 'Quantum Healing Hypnosis'

Before we detail this list of healing possibilities, it must be said that healing can only take place when an individual wants to be healed and this does not interfere with the goals of his or her life.

We are infinite souls who have incarnated on earth for our own individual experiences. A blind person's subconscious would not heal his eyesight if blindness was one of the key aspects of his life that he wanted to experience. Neither would it cure a physical problem created by someone's lack of caring for their body when they had not yet learned the lesson to love and respect their body. Are you starting to understand the logic?

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is not something that I do to you, I am simply the guide or facilitator. We work together so that you are able to access a naturally occurring state of deeply relaxed focused attention. You do all the hard work. 

What areas can Quantum Healing help me?

What is possible in Quantum Realms

All sessions are unique and are the reasons for wanting a session, below are some examples.

Anything is possible, but here are a few common areas that are visited in client sessions.

  • Physical and emotional problems and trauma.

  • Problems at work and relationship problems.

  • Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

  • Clear and realign energetic blocks 

  • Identifying and resolving difficult life situations and recurring patterns.

  • Finding answers.

  • General curiosity.

  • Past Life and Life Between Lives

  • Source, Higher-Self and Soul Realms

  • This life and Inner Child 

  • Spirit Realms and reconnecting with loved ones

  • Soul Guides & Teams of Celestial Helpers

  • Just before the birth of this life

  • Any other higher dimensional realms, the possibilities are unlimited

Why is Quantum Healing so effective?

Answers to typical life questions:

Which is best for me QHHT® or BQH?

There are clients who come to see me that want a session “just like Dolores Cannon” would have conducted, and I am happy to give them that experience. I read her traditional script and follow her directives and method to a “T” for those clients and it is always amazing.

And why not? QHHT® is in some ways just another version of BQH.  If QHHT® (pure) is exactly what the client and the practitioner want and desire, then it is perfect for them!

I am, however, finding that after discussing these differences in approach, nearly all of my clients choose to experience BQH simply because there are fewer rules, fewer restrictions and more options available. My advice is to follow your inner wisdom and the clients’ desires. There is value in all methods in Service to Others.

What kind of client may not qualify for a session?

Everyone's situation is different, so it is best to email me about your own background and goals.

There are only a few cases where Quantum Healing may not be appropriate for you. There may be some limitations with online/virtual sessions that may need to be considered, whereas most will be eligible for an in-person session.

Contact me to discuss this further.

​The very effective hypnotic process used in QHHT® and BQH very easily and quickly allows the client to access the naturally occurring phenomena of deep trance (theta brain wave). This relaxed brain state is the same as the seconds before and after sleep. In this realm, we can access higher consciousness and tap into existing pools of infinite memories that are normally not available in our conscious state. In this space, you are able to connect with the source of all healing and knowledge that can help you in your current life.

  • Who am I?

  • Why I'm here?

  • What is my mission in life?

  • What lives have I lived before?

  • Who are my soul family, are they with me in my current life?

  • Why do I often feel so strange or lonely here?

  • Where is my home? Where do I come from?

  • Why do repetitive situations arise and how can I resolve them?

  • Am I waking up? How can I help my ascension?

  • What is my path in my job or in a partnership?

  • What are my psychic gifts? How can I best use them?

  • What is the meaning of this life?

  • Who and what is helping me? How do I connect?


"Mankind must come to the realisation that we are more than we consciously perceive. That we are more than it is possible for us to perceive. We play at the game of life in whatever form or dimension we find it."

-Dolores Cannon


Expand your mind, change your world!

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