4 Day Quantum Soul Retreat

- Connecting with higher consciousness hypnosis & healing, Portugal.

Friday, August 28th - Monday 31st


Friday, September 25th - Monday 28th

€450 p/p


About this retreat

A very special, one of a kind, fully immersive experience, for those looking to connect directly with Universal Consciousness, higher-self, spirit realms and/or your team of celestial guides and helpers. 

In this retreat, very powerful hypnotic techniques are used in a group setting to help you connect with those parts of yourself we often times cannot hear. From this space of deep relaxation, we are able to hear these messages so that we can use the information given to gain more clarity on this life purpose and direction, what body/health areas need attention and how to heal any issue (Sometimes if appropriate you will receive instant healing). It can also be possible to connect with loved ones in spirit and address your ascension journey.


The possibilities are unlimited and anything can come up.


Stephanie says “Facilitating these sessions in a group setting is whole other energy, very powerful. It has a definite collective essence. The learnings within the group, from simply being around other realization journey’s is profound. It can be like a kaleidoscope of interwoven synchronicities. It’s beautiful to see and be a part of”.


Once we have the necessary information from the soul, we can then explore the world of holistic healing and practices to ease any discomfort or emotional/energetic burdens holding you back.


You will learn several effective self-hypnosis techniques that you can continue to develop after the retreat is over, to maintain and deepen your connection with your divine personal advisor. You will also receive an mp3 download to take home with you.


You will never feel alone again. You can become your own healer and your own guide.


Just as we are all intended to be.



We have lost touch with our inner guidance systems, and that is O.K. It’s all a part of our expansion cycles. However, now we are being called to reconnect, realign and heal. 2020 is a massive year for our collective ascension and many are looking for a change.


Quantum Soul Retreats are created in other realms and the concept is gifted to us at this time to help with our ascension process and symptoms. The channelled purpose and structure of these retreats are in response to our human need right now.


You can read more about the channelled message by following this link here.


Whats included

  • Quantum Soul Group Hypnosis Session

  • One-on-one Metaphysical Counseling 

  • Holistic Healing Therapies

  • Integration Workshop

  • Accommodation

  • Vegan/Vegetarian Meals

  • Outstanding Social Connection

  • Inspiring conversation

  • Cleansing ceremony

  • Abundant nature

  • (Any or all of the following, dependent on the group) - Yoga, meditation, pranayama, art, movement, permaculture, karma yoga, walking in nature (our doggie tribe always love to join on this one), swimming and so much more.

  • Mp3 download to take away with you


DAY 1 - Arrive by 4 pm

You will have some time to get settled in and have a tour of the place and the facilities before we gather for dinner at 6 pm


7:30 pm (around about)

Cleansing ceremony

Semente da Vida welcomes you

Introduction Circle





DAY 2 – Breakfast at 9 am

Breakfast will be served buffet-style in the kitchen. We gather on the sun terrace to relax and chat or use the yoga space, you feel into what you want to do.


11 am – We gather for our pre-session preparation workshop. Here we will begin to understand how trance works and techniques that will help us deepen our experience and further practice.


1:30 pm – Lunch


We don’t meet again until 5 pm. This is your own time for you to do as you choose. Take a swim or lay in the sunshine, gather and connect, arrange a massage, meditate, get creative or self-practice. We just ask that you remain as centred and grounded as possible prior to the evening's session.


5 pm – We gather for the Soul Speak Group Hypnosis Session


7:30 pm – Fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade bread and spreads will be served to help ground you after you return from your journey. We can spend time recalling and clarifying what we had learned from higher consciousness.





DAY 3 – Breakfast at 9 am


11 am – Holistic Health & Energy Balance Workshop. We will as a group explore intuitive movement, sound, voice, energy and breath techniques. Along with discussing the importance of intention and ritual in our daily lives, we will also be developing your own unique practices that deeply resonates with your soul.


1:30 pm – Lunch


Own time. This is your own time for you to do as you choose. Take a swim or lay in the sunshine, gather and connect, arrange a massage, meditate, get creative or self-practice.





DAY 4 – Breakfast at 9 am


Own time for the whole of the beautiful day.


We don’t meet again until our closing meal at 7 pm.


The closing meal is a special occasion we always look forward to. For us a chance to celebrate and share our wonderful and rare uniqueness.

We put mindful effort (and shed loads of love) into preparing the meal, our decoration (if any), and space. Read more about ‘Closing Meal’ below.




DAY 5 – Today we wake up with the sun!


7 am - On this day we wake up in silence and gather in the yoga space as the suns first rays pour in. We will come together in ceremony to express gratitude and love for all the entities that we helped us over these last days and in fact, lifetimes.

Close the ceremony with some stretching.


9 am – Breakfast


12noon – Goodbyes



Our centre is small and perfectly formed.

Semente da Vida is an awesome nature hideaway to relax and spend a few days connecting with your eternal self and making new and interesting connections.


Stephanie and Sylvia and the entire tribe of incredible beings that live and volunteer here, have created something very special that allows you to take a break from the stresses and habits of your daily life and focus more on your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Long summers of glorious sunshine, swimming pool to refresh and unwind. Comfortable single accommodation, private therapy rooms, delicious and nutritious vegan/vegetarian food, make it easy to do this.


The relaxed ‘in the flow’ vibe is infectious. A chance to disconnect digitally and reconnect energetically.


Just ‘be’.


When the mind is quiet, we can hear our soul speak.




Our beautiful and humble home, filled with love and expression, is deeply connected to the abundant Sao Mamede Natural Park in the Alentejo region of Portugal.


Lakes, rivers, ancient oak forests and endless walks in nature.




Groups are no larger than 6 participants at any time, this allows for a more personal experience for the participants.


During these retreats a lot of information is downloaded in a short time, help with integrating this is probable, with smaller groups we are able to spend much more one-to-one time with each participant, so you get the very most from your experience.


We offer comfortable single bed accommodation with good quality bedding, linen and towels. Each bed has a side table, lamp, lockable storage unit, PowerPoint and free Wi-Fi internet connection.


Each room houses 3 beds and has hot water, en-suite shower/WC and hanging closet.


Extra night’s accommodation will be available for those wishing to stay a little longer please discuss when booking.


Stephanie will be available for private appointments after the retreat if you feel you are ready to go even deeper, you can learn more here.


Each private session is a far more transcendental experience. We will be able to reach much deeper levels of trance with techniques not possible in a group setting. Each private session can take up to 5 hours and is arranged independently of the retreat.


More Info.

More about Quantum Soul Group Hypnosis session.


We will be looking for a diagnostic overview of your health and physical body, spirit, past life residue, karmic contracts and life purpose. We can also ask for further information about anything that you feel is relevant to you at this time.


We already know that there is something that is bothering you in life. That is why you are looking for answers. The space that Stephanie guides you to, is nowhere you can’t go yourself. You will learn how to do this, contact your higher self (or whomever it is guiding you) you will learn how to ask the right questions and techniques that will allow you to use these new skills to better your life in some way.


In the group session, we will also be asking for direct information about our spiritual well-being as well as our physical health and what we can be doing to relieve this. It’s extremely comforting, receiving this help from higher dimensions because you know there is no agenda. We can totally trust all information received in this way. It is only for our higher good.


More About Holistic Healing Therapies


Other time during your stay there is available private healing sessions and massage in our therapy rooms. Any additional treatments outside of the schedule will be charged separately.


Our tribe has profound collective experience and knowledge of yoga, meditation, nutrition, metaphysics, healing practices, creativity and of the complexities of our human condition.


Feeling into the personal goals and aims of individuals and the group is the beauty of this experience.


Flexibility and flow, you, do you.


To see our full Holistic Therapy Menu please click the link here


More About The Closing Meal


A vibrant, love-filled celebration of US, our Divine humanness.  We encourage you to express something from your soul, in whatever way you feel.


We will spend some time during the day preparing ‘something’ to share with the group, it could be some poetic words spoken or a song, it could be a creation of yours, a skill or talent. Whatever it will be, it will be uniquely you.


After dinner that we prepared together, the group comes together in the ceremony space. Grabbing a floor cushion, we make our selves comfortable ready for an evening of open-hearted sharing.


An Inner Journey For An Expanding Awareness

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