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In A Nut Shell...

I wanted to share my story, but also I didn't want to give the impression that my story still owns me if you know what I mean? 


I think it's vitally important to share a full, no holes barred view of who I am, where I'm from and how I got to where I am today, in the hope that you can draw inspiration from my truth. Anything is possible if you believe it to be so. 

I no longer identify with the Steph before my awakening, however, I hold deep gratitude for all that she experienced on behalf of her future self. Being able to review past experiences without attachment has been one of my biggest learning opportunities. And I send her love.

Below you find a little info about me and my skills if you have any questions please don't hesitate in connecting with me, I'm happy to help where I can.

Journey to Wellness

Today, I am a confident, articulate (straight-talking), self-aware, insightful co-creator of my life. 


That is receiving, daily, the manifestation of my desires. It hasn't always been this way. In fact life, for me was challenging from the off. 

I have experienced many gifts (I now call them) of pain, addictions, imbalance and spiritual discord. All of which have deepened my skill sets beyond theory and into practical application and knowledge.

I left school with no qualifications, zero self-confidence, zero self-esteem and scared to connect with other human beings. I didn't leave the house for long periods of time, self-medicated with anything that would dull the pain. But my darkness dominated much of my life.

Until early 2017 when the universe provided me with a game-changer, or maybe it was the plan all along.

I co-owned a pretty awesome wellness centre in Cambodia where guests could stay in rustic Asian style bungalows. I was pouring my heart out over dinner with a group of guests because at that time I was so far in my own story I rarely talked of anything other. It turned out that this guest was an Ayahuasca Shaman and she said to me "I cant offer you the medicine, but I can offer you a DMT ceremony if I was interested?"

8 pm the following night I sat in the ceremony, just me and her. I was away from my body for what felt like a lifetime but only 20 minutes had passed. When I returned everything had changed.

From this point on I have been plugged into greater intelligence, universal wisdom, source energy, however you want to say it. I have been guided on my healing and still to this day govern all of my decisions on being in alignment even if it doesn't make sense. I fully trust.

There is a much larger plan unfolding, one that I never thought possible. 

Travelling this healing path on my own hasn't been easy and I've made tonnes of mistakes in my quest to learn, heal and grow, now I see all of this is also part of what I need to share.

My purpose is to share this constant stream of insight and wisdom direct from source so that I can help others reach a point of self-love and clarity in life, being and doing whatever makes your heart sing. A whole lot faster than It took me.

I now consider myself a master manifester and my life to date is evidence of this. Meditation and affirmations are a daily practice in keeping the Divine communication line open, which is the best feeling ever. And consistent self-awareness practice keeps the lessons coming. 

My story may be unique, but what I do, is not. All human beings have the ability to be and create whatever experience they wish in this life.

Knowing how to align with abundance is my passion and this is what I am being called to share.

Practitioner Profile

Stephanie is an insatiable student of the human condition, which started with her own healing journey.

In addition to reading well over 500 self-development books and an extensive history of conquering her own self-mastery, Stephanie has developed an impressive intuitive ability and gift for reading the energy of others. 


Her style is a refreshingly humble and down to earth approach to her practice and displays a deep desire to get you connected to your truth. 

I now consider myself to be a 'Conscious Entrepreneur', I am an innovative businessperson who actively cultivates self-awareness as part of a practice of continual personal growth. 

Qualifications & Accreditations

Practical Mysticism Bachelors Degree

- University of Metaphysics, Sedona.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Accreditation

- QHHT Quantum Healing Technique

Beyond Quantum Healing 

- Candice Craw Training

Master Hypnotherapist Certified Course

- Karen E. Wells Institute

Past Life Regression Therapy Certified Course

- Past Life Awakening Institute 

N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Diploma

- British School of Yoga

C.B.T (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Diploma

- Center of Excellence

E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) Certified

- American Institute of Healthcare Professionals. Inc

Hyper Thinking & Thought Field Alignment Certified

- Phil Wiess Trainings

Advanced Mind Therapy (Stage Hypnosis) Diploma

- The Mind Care Organisation

Life Coaching Certificate Course

- Kain Ramsey, Applied Psychology Trainer

Other Skills & Experience

Property Development & Landscaper -1999/2002

Property acquisition, design and project management.

Kitchen Manager/Head Chef - 2002/2006

Managing large and small teams, stock control, training, menu formulation, financial targets.

Coffee Shop Manager - 2006/2007

Management of coffee shop and staff, stock takes, cash-ups etc.

Owner & Manager Roots Cafe - 2008/2013

Creation and design of popular eco vegan/vegetarian cafe/tea house, retail products, menu development, Recruitment/payroll/accounts.

Owner & Manager Pachamama Cambodia - 2013/2018

Creation and design (Cambodia's #1 Hotel for 8 months) of eco creative Wellness Center and Yoga Studio, Vegan Restaurant and traditional accommodation, environmental initiatives, outside catering, website creation and SEO. OTA and digital marketing.

Owner & Manager Semente da Vida - 2019/present

Creation and design of Holistic Healing and Retreat Center in Portugal. Retreat organiser and spiritual centre. Website design and SEO. OTA and digital marketing.

My Values

I deeply respect everyone's unique journey and reasons for wanting to connect with me. I do not judge or degrade, I only see lessons from which we are supposed to learn from in this life.


I have high regard for others beliefs, ethics and morality and hope for the same in return. It is important to me to maintain my own personal ideals and values which are authenticity, empathy, reliability and honesty. My outlook on life is that we are all here with our own struggles that are important to us, no more or less than any others. 

Looking to the future...

I'm currently enjoying realizing my vision of a blissful space in nature, exploding with creativity and innovation. A space for healing and contemplation, a place of discovery and development. Semente da Vida Holistic Health & Retreat Center is also available for clients coming for healing sessions with Stephanie, where you can enjoy all the facilities while you relax in the homely atmosphere.

A huge part of my transformational story is due to the presence of Sacred Plant Medicine in my life. I am eternally grateful to the wisdom bestowed on me from other realms, I am a faithful servant and so it is. I look forward to furthering my knowledge and experience in many cultural practices around the world.

I continue to develop and deepen all of my personal practices, and remain open to receive life as the joyous journey of expression and expansion it is.

Stephanie is currently a proud member of the student body of the University of Metaphysics, Sedona, where she is working hard to realise her aims to earn her Doctorate in Metaphysical Counselling. Her thesis will be a study of consciousness to further understand different instant awakening activation possibilities.


I look forward to my continued involvement in the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), and the International Association of Professional Women (IAP), also in exercising my Ordination with Universal Light Church (ULC) with spreading the love as officiate of ceremonies. 

An Inner Journey For An Expanding Awareness

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