Stephanie Harris

Energy is the best and most powerful tool you have available, and by learning to manage and master it, you become a conscious creator of your life.

I have experienced many gifts of pain, addiction and imbalance, all of which have deepened my skill sets beyond theory and into practical application and knowledge.

My journey of healing and path to self-love hasn't been easy. These last years I have been able to peel back the layers of residual trauma and go deep to the root issues. 

I am today, a proud member of the student body of the Sedona University of Metaphysics, an active member of the International Academy of Consciousness, a progressive practitioner in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis techniques and incredibly proud contributor in the Global Conscious Awareness Revolution taking hold on our planet today!

I am deeply passionate about helping others connect and benefit from there own innate power within them.

Real lasting change happens on a non-physical cellular level, in the realms of energy. Our pain's (emotional, physical or spiritual) are only symptoms of a deeper energetic residue left from trauma or stress experienced that need's to be cleared and brought back to balance and harmony again.

Much of my life I felt, deep down, that I was different, but didn't understand why or how to change it. It never crossed my mind to embrace it, own it.

I was lost. So utterly lonely and lost. I was trying to lose myself in all the wrong places. 


Through our darkest times, our greatest lessons lie.  ​


I began learning about the human condition by studying NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), counselling, neuroplasticity and psychology. Before moving on to more esoteric subjects such as EFT (emotional freedom tapping), meditation, hypnosis and metaphysics. 

In 2016 I began to study and train in the practices of the late Dolores Cannon, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) which showed Stephanie the possibilities accessible to us at all times. I was amazed by its effectiveness at connecting with higher dimensional information. 

From this point my own liberation and healing skyrocketed and well surpassed anything, I then believed possible.  

I was called to sit with Aya, which I did, and have done many times since. 


I am currently working towards my Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Counselling and continue to advance my understanding of consciousness, life and ascension every day.

Stephanies also has a deep respect and connection with all sacred plant medicine practices and has a desire to explore this area of healing.\

My Values

I deeply respect everyone's unique journey and reasons for wanting an MH session. I do not judge or degrade, I only see lessons from which we are supposed to learn from in this life. I have high regard for others beliefs, ethics and morality and hope for the same in return. It is important to me to maintain my own personal ideals and values which are authenticity, empathy, reliability and honesty. My outlook on life is that we are all here with our own struggles that are important to us, no more or less than any others. 

When you come for your appointment, we work together as a team, 100% commitment from both of us. I do not 'do' something to you, I am merely the guide, the facilitator. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. My job is to ask the questions that get you to your place of healing.

My QHHT Session - Hawaii 

Below is a part transcript taken from the recording of my QHHT session whilst I was training for my level 2 in Hawaii. I have only included my main and most important question to me although there was much more information that came through. During my session I had a clear visit to a past life and experienced this mans natural and peaceful passing on his last day, it was such a beautiful insight. I then spent sometime in the spirit realm where I made contact with my beloved grandmother and felt overwhelming love as she gave me her message. We then moved on to speak with my higher self who was very eager to communicate, it was as if it had been waiting a long time to finally communicate in a way that I would hear.  Thank you Oksana (QHHT practitioner) for facilitating such an amazing session I am eternally grateful for the experience. x

Oksana: May I speak with Stephanie's subconscious please?

Higher Self: YES!

Oksana: Thank you. Stephanie wants to know why did she pick this life? Because she has found it to be very challenging.

Higher Self: Hahaha We warned her

Oksana: What did you warn her?

Higher Self: We warned her she was taking on too much, but she wouldn't listen. She wanted to experience as much as she could so that she could get on with her mission.

Oksana: So she chose to have all the lessons she has had in her life.

Higher Self: Oh yes! She chose everything so she could learn as much as she could as quickly as she could. We warned her it would be harder than she thinks when she is here.

Oksana: So why did she want to experience so much in one life?

Higher Self: So she didn't waste time and need to come back and learn it again.

Oksana: Will she not have another life here on earth then? Because she thinks and hopes that this will be her last life here on earth.

Higher Self: Hahaha Oh No! She has much work to do. She will return many more times. She just wanted to get as much covered in this life as she could. She is doing very well. We know she has found it a struggle and has wanted to leave. She is doing a great job.

Oksana: So she doesn't need to worry?

Higher Self: No no no, she knows. Everything is as it should be. She can see.

Oksana: What mission is she here to do?

Higher Self: She volunteered to help with the ascension

Oksana: In what way is she going to do that

Higher Self: She is already doing it. She is here to help people see the truth. She wanted to understand what she was healing before she got to work, but her energy has been healing others long before she realized it. She has great gifts that are being activated. 

Oksana: So what can you tell her now that she would benefit in hearing, because we are recording this session and she can listen back to it later.

Higher Self: Continue to live in your truth, you are doing an amazing job. We are always with you, protecting you, supporting you in your work. There is only truth.

At this point Oksana moved on to other areas of questions I wanted to address. The whole session was deeply moving for me. I could remember what was said for the most part, however, what really has stuck with me well beyond this session are the overwhelming and intense feeling of love and well being. It was such a beautiful feeling of connectedness of which I have never felt before. I am unable to articulate the immense feeling of oneness and knowing that has come from this session. 

Oksana is an amazing practitioner and I highly recommend you pay her a visit.  She works out of her office in Munich and speaks German, English and  Russian. Follow the link to her website to book your appointment

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