From Steph -Anise's Clients

(Initials used to maintain confidentiality)

"Steph-Anise was with me throughout this spiritual meaningful journey and gave me a feeling of true safety and support. The guidance she provided me shines a light on areas of my life I never thought of. I had difficulty sometimes expressing the way I feel, but she complete and fulfilled my broken thoughts and make them clear, make sense, and resonate. Steph-Anise provided me with recorded hypnosis. I used it as prayer throughout my day, before I went to sleep or when I have anxious thoughts. Her voice enters the stormy clouded thoughts to shine on it, fading away from the darkness and reminding me I am safe and loved. She reinforced the deep belief within me to understand my purpose in life and what are the guidelines I need to follow to enjoy this journey. Every time we talk we spend more than an hour building and healing that she provides me. I literally feel energetic after every call. In the beginning, I used to name her my therapist but not anymore as she is a friend and a spiritual mentor. She developed the magical healing powers of psilocybin micro-dosing and hypnosis. The combination worked beautifully to merge with the quantum universal ocean. I can't miss mentioning the importance of her voice tone, that somehow compel me to put down my worries and follow her rich knowledgeable wisdom that you feel when she talks. I can't thank her enough and thank the hidden powers that guided me to find Steph-Anise."
~ H.A.

"I highly recommend working with Steph-Anise and getting on the path of micro-dosing mushrooms. I reached out to Steph to explore the use of mushrooms to help me in life and on my spiritual path. I had read just enough to feel there could be benefits to me. Steph-Anise listened to me and then explained how she felt micro-dosing would be beneficial and how it works. She emphasized not to have any specific expectations, but to let the mushrooms do their thing in opening my being up to more.  This is really what I wanted and what I got. She worked with me to find my proper dosage, and once set with that, I could feel my awareness of nature grow. I really became more in tune with my surroundings and myself. Life was just a little more peaceful and fulfilling. My heart opened more to people and to the world. So for me, the changes have been subtle, but welcomed. I recommend trying micro-dosing of mushrooms, and I highly recommend doing it with Steph-Anise who is so caring, nurturing, intuitive, and a good communicator/teacher. From the moment you talk to Steph-Anise, you can tell how much she cares about you and helping as many people as possible to grow in life through mushrooms and other modalities.  

Thank you, Steph-Anise!"
~ J.B.

"Thanks for helping me to see what I have inside me. It’s hard sometimes to see the forest for the trees. I slept very well last night and woke up earlier than usual feeling really good for a change. I actually wanted to get out of bed. I know I came to you with a lot of baggage and there’s more where that came from, but I am refusing to let it dictate my opinions of myself. Your session gave me a lot to think about; I have overcome a lot of adversity, and all things considered, I’m doing ok. So I’m taking it slow, and making it count; what I seek is within my reach."
~ B.G.

"I was living in a nightmare I believed I had no control over. I was stuck and out of hope. I had been homebound, in pain, and mostly bedridden for 13 years with chronic and progressive health issues. I knew the source of all my struggle was within myself but I couldn't find a way out. Then I met Steph-Anise and encountered the psilocybin plant medicine. My life began to change because I was changing. From the first moment I ingested the mushroom spirit I felt that I was not alone. I remembered that I am a part of the great loving intelligence behind and within all forms and functions including myself. Slowly, very carefully over many weeks, I began to feel calmer, less overwhelmed and hypersensitive as my experience of being connected with all life strengthened. In time I began to feel a real inner peace growing inside me. I also became aware of and able to confront and feel my way through layers of accumulated trauma, grief, and abuse. The mushrooms help me to feel a deeper connection with my soul, the earth, and the God in all things. From this place of inter-relatedness, I am able to encounter powerful emotions that I had been dissociating from and unable to feel and process for almost 50 years. Now I know what to do, how to be present to, breathe with, show up to, and relax into the uncomfortable places in myself. Instead of feeling desperate and powerless, I now feel more patient and an internal flexibility. I trust where this psilo journey is taking me. I know that the mushrooms cannot do my healing work for me. I am responsible for my own creation. I am equal to the task before me of bringing all the aspects of myself into a greater balance and harmony with life. I am also open to and receiving help- which is a big shift for me. I am so very grateful to the mushroom spirits for their guidance, their wise and awakening consciousness, and for accompanying me in my season of healing."

~ A.B

"Awesome! I'm so pleased I contacted you, Steph. As you know my life had become a nightmare, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work with me. I continue to follow your instructions and listen to the hypnosis recording you so kindly created for me. I am still micro-dosing, coming into my 4th month, it still amazes me the changes that I am experiencing in my life. I truly had no idea that our conversation back in October would lead to this. Now...I have a job with a start-up company and I do stand-up comedy as a hobby. I have also found a wonderful guy that I am dating (He's amazing). Thank you! You are my earth angel."
~ T

"I just had to tell you, Steph-Anise, I've tried many times to stop smoking on my own but without success. I've stopped smoking and it truly wasn't difficult this time. YAY!!! I had no cravings! I'm in just complete awe of your system and you! I just want to tell you how happy I am that I decided to take this step. I can't believe how happy and different I feel!"
~ P. H-L

"If you're skeptical, you don't understand hypnosis or how psychedelic mushrooms could possibly work as they say. That's how I felt. Without even noticing it, I have lost 9 pounds over the past couple of months. It has given me more energy and general well-being. My eating habits have changed without any problem or feeling the loss of food. Steph is so down-to-earth and professional. Her knowledge and skills let you unlock your subconscious arsenal. I am looking forward to even more great changes."

~ M.F

"I have experienced two quantum healing sessions with Steph-Anise. Both were eye-openers to previous lives and highlighted why I couldn't move forward in this life. Steph-Anise has guided me through her micro-dosing practice, along with meditations and hypnosis. The changes have been profound, both physical and emotional. I have more energy, clarity, motivation, and direction, and am almost pain-free. It is a practice I would not have tried without her knowledge and personal guidance. It is without a doubt a practice I will continue with."

~ S.D.M

"I am familiar with psychedelics and I had also tried micro-dosing LSD some years ago. What Steph-Anise has created is something altogether different. I loved it and continue to love it! She really supported me in finding my own unique way with the medicine which was totally unexpected. I highly recommend her. If you really wanted big shifts in your life, pair it with a hypnosis session, WOW!!!!!!"

~ M.E